it's like ffxiv where houses are actual houses

Anyone else having XP trouble today? In the middle of me doing holiday event stuff, my xp gained went down to 15k per quest, and kills that were getting me 1.5-1.8k (without dbl xp) are only getting me 4xx-8xx, and that is with the double xp on. ? Will I be able to store items, weapons ,armor etc. in the home. Or is it just for fluff. Bank stays full as does inventory. Would be awesome to have more storage. Is the property instanced, or the entrance to the home? Will the home have a secure storage? Buy Blade and Soul Gold Will there be faction/guild housing in Cirodyl that you have to defend from home invaders?  How will you balance the availabilities of homes? Like clearly the argonian houses aren't going to have as much to mess with and decorate as thy other races will.

Come on, man, super racist. This is the second era I thought we had moved past this kind of shit. Mike O'Dood I know you're trollin', but seriously, go look at the large house reveals for each of the races. The argonians got shafted hard. You all know that there won't be one house per person right. There will be like 100 guys all standing out front shooting magic at each other and dueling and selling. Then go inside and it will be just you and your stuff. So having exclusive little tea parties on your porch with your guild mates won't really be happening. Cecilia Mike Max William I reckon a guild hall would be the best tho.

 If it's like ffxi where houses were instanced rooms, or if it's like ffxiv where houses are actual houses and you have to compete with RMT gold buyers in order to even get one. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold My question, Will people be able to enter your homes without being in the same guild or party? or without an invitation? and if not, can we give out keys to the homes to let people come and go as they please? and if we can let people enter at will without keys or invites, can we make the "homes" RP hubs like Tavern or bars?

Introducing the " fix the log out unless u in specific area, the freeze screen in the most inconvenient moment, the taking forever activity finder unless ur a "tank" That's what everyone is waiting for! FIX THE BUGS 😌. In another note upgrade the merchant to be able to fix items wen broken n banker to be able to get into guilds banks which u already joined. Will the items that can be stolen in the game be available to put in your house as decorations?  Will we be able to play a chosen game music? Can we hire npc? What things will be different from housing in skyrim?  I'm hoping the furniture crafting is under Woodworking, and not a completely separate skill point dump.


f2p is a bane to FFXIV

F2P will kill all interest in the game ... Say goodbye to timely updates and but fixes. they said they will never go f2p and thank goodness. f2p is a bane to games. yes you may expand the playerbase, but it will be a significantly less commited playerbase. 12 dollars a month isnt the worst sub in the world and not a bank breaker. if it is, Cheap FFXIV Gil gaming probably shouldnt be a priority. p2p leads to a more commited dev team and a steady flow of income they can rely on to do patches, expansions, etc. f2p does not have that luxury.  I love this game, but didn't the rewards of this year's events and the length of time to complete, besides the yokai watch event, seem kind of slim and short ?

Congratz to the winners. Hope that Aion NA has been more attentive than Aion EU about the legitimity of the winners' designs. The EU winner has stolen different parts of a Chinese designer's wings to create them design.can u specifically say which ones were "lazy" that elevated?  I could see some "really" nice wings designs and FFXIV Gil in my opinion much better than some of the winning too. I would spend real money on the Ereshikgal for sure and some others that did not win, pity!  i agree with you on this....

 I like the male coat in the picture at least :0 its nice see you put effort on male clothes too (not like some halloween clothes cof cof witch cof cof no pants cof cof) <3 love you SE.  I find the lack of Roe's in this picture rather disturbing, Square Enix.... What about au ra?  It needs more Miqo'te :( 1 is not enough. "A giant pile of pristine white snow. Yellow coloring optional."

i love the flavor text in this game  Love these holiday events. This year's outfit is beautiful. SE getting stingy... used to be a set of clothes... now only one piece... same as recent Halloween ... Can we get maybe a full outfit from events? Instead of just one clothing item.  They did that Halloween the two years before this one. they did a full outfit with last years halloween as well. i do agree the lack of full outfits this year is a bit disappointing. even partial outfits would be acceptable, say boots and the robe.


Blade and Soul FPS issues in 24-player content

Keep up the good work! I do hope some of the players' concerns about new content get addressed though (esp. the FPS issues in 24-player content). Send a dev's letter to the players once in a while, stay connected with us and let us know what you are working on (the community might even be of great help).  hey, have you guys unlocked the wardrobe, the sprint special effects or any of the really cool and fun stuff for the free to play players?honest question here. or are you guys waiting for the game to go from being 99% dead to 99.9% dead? Cheap Blade and Soul Gold thanks in advance Blade and Soul team, you guys are great!

like sky petal plains wasn't terrifying enough in the day time. I might do this while I wait for the cbt2 Revelation.  updates, new gear, new rng, RNG over RNG, New top RNG. every 15 days. This is why i left the game. NOPE. just nope. get prepared for more game crashes during boss AOEs guys (> '-')> Coming soon more dg get exciting!~~~>.<coming soon more powerful gear and pet guys~~ play now^.^ oh i don't play this game anymore anyway Rofl. another freaking lag fest.....super blackwyrm random boss.....dammit.

 I expected to see people complaining in the comment section and I was not disappointed. any na guilds on mushin server looking for memebers and dont have a super high req to join Buy Blade and Soul Gold .  it is alrdy boring without this content. When I do nothing comes up -.- Minotaur head is on the way. I think this is a raid....like greenhorne.  Meanwhile im still having issues with launcher downloading the client, and yes i did send a ticket didn't help tbh. if i can't redownload the game again sadly i gotta quit...

You guys like money well release this for ps4 dammit. Too much work not enough time.  thoes costumes are pretty nice. You came here to.see people cry only? Still waiting for the server in brazil. You lied... Your profile pic is 24 men too ? Sweet. Now, can we get sea server ? : I mean...talk to ncsoft tw if they can help to open it, last time i heard , they have sea right based on answer by julianne .


FFXV finally completed

This trailer proves that there's WAY more things going on in the story than we've been led to believe  I would hope so!!! After 14 years of waiting! It's looking fantastic!! This is gonna be the best game ever! #SorryFFVII we still love you but....No more words for this...#We Are Ready To Play FFXV.  I agree!!!! Since 1997 until 11.30.2016!!!   The voice talking to King Regis sounds exactly like Bhunivelze.Gonna watch it later..need headphones and a break from work to enjoy lol... Looks so gorgeous .

32 days to go, i wish i have a time machine now lol so i can skip the 32 days in front of me like in a blink Please live up to our expectations,don't disappoint us.. FFXIV Gil I Think I will die in the agony of the wait...  FFXV finally completed. You can release it now then, don't really have to wait until the end of next month. IS this guy a decendant of Zack Fair.. Cuz they have an awfully good resemblence to each other.. looks like the protagonist isn't so stereotypical like that.

Just realised the whole thing with his da is basically the arthurian legend of the fisher king. Just give us the FUCKIN GAME! We've waited long enough! hell yeah! damn game keeps blowing my mind! Buy FFXIV Gil im there if you do a midnight! im just counting down these weeks. not to much longer. i keep finding stuff every other day about the game that just gets me more hype lol. You and me both dude, I still need to watch the anime and the movie.

Bryan Nuno get this game on xbox one. Took more than 7+ years to make. I cannot wait until my collector edition arrive at my doorstep. Jaime Mateo Garcia Del Toro just hope the game live up to its expectation. I cried watching this video . It's lil bit like FF versus, most in the Luna and Noctis fight :') this game is quite dank. Harambe would be proud. this game is quite dank. Harambe would be proud. Whats the name of the song in the very beginning, when noctis is at the gas station? Or is that an original song from the game?


BnS is P2W like Ch servers

Cobsidering revelation will be a much bigger, better and a more interesting game its unlikey many who play it will quit like they have bns since bns doesnt have much to offer. Doesn't help when a company constantly fucks around like ncsoft. Mishelle. that's wonderful. Would you like a cookie? The trailer isnt my cup of tea since i've played too many games that seem pretty similar to it Buy Blade and Soul Gold . But you have merely solidified my comment earlier.

I can almost bet money that you'll get bored of it and do the same thing that you're doing to BNS to Revelation. lol revlation is boring as hell all you do i grind quest to lv up ther is no realy mobs that give exp at all and lving up is so easy and then you got stop lving to get you gear up as well .. and the pvp is only in big scale no 1v 1 or anythink so yah revleation is not that great ..

i don't believe the hype anymore. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I'll wait until the game goes into open beta.  also revelation is p2w like ch server. How did u get to plays already? it won't be out til 25th. Ebony Ledbetter Moore china server there is eng patch. I bought the founder pack. I stil can't plays beta til 25th. I would like to know u get to plays way before everyone.  People were saying "BnS is P2W like Ch servers" too before it launched! : No one will know till it's out fully... and even then changes will be made.

 Ebony we play in the China sever. U have to have a friend from China as they are big time into verification codes (which can only be done via phone)...n I agree the r.o is slightly over hyped but they are changing things to fit our life style in N/A so I'm still excited for it even if the China version is a bit strenuous mainly cuz all the lvl 79 ppl n language barriers.  thnx for info man i was waiting for revelation Online but good to know the game isn't that great.


BnS new dungeon Ebondrake Citadel

I just walked in with no idea how to do it and everyone was yelling at me. Like I literally just logged into the update. People must be buying resets if they are so well educated on it. Otherwise I am just slower.  It's very easy and not much to mess up, I don't know why people have a stick up their butt about it.  Max look me up " peprica" Lunar Strength Our clan is super nice and we dont mind waiting for you usually. Maybe a good clan would help some of your woes. oh if your on our server onmyung.

Miranda Carie Cunningham Thanks, but I'm not. Blade and Soul Gold Then with the client giving me most of my grief these days, I'm pretty much just logging in for the daily dash these days anyhow. Just hard to enjoy something when it performs so badly, while other games I also enjoy perform so much better.

Only thing really giving me hope for B&S now is that maybe, MAYBE, that upcoming 64 bit client will actually mean we have a better client, with less apparent conflicts, Buy Blade and Soul Gold so it performs better on more systems. No telling how long that will take to get here though, or if it will actually help. It's annoying, as this would be a game I'd like, if it weren't for such issues. So i saw someone at xserver looking 650+ for this dungeon... I was like "is he planning to outdps poh in the last boss?"

 Looks like people don't bother reading. It fcking says in the dungeon requirements "level 16". People just want to dps with no brain. All i can think about is getting disconnected as soon as i get online to see event. Maybe i'll play something else instead. Fix the bug first plz, i was so looking forward when i downloaded the game. Now it just keep disconnecting from the server every time i loading to new map. This never happened to me in any other games.


still waiting for a nice patch to comeback BnS

I was disconnected 10 times today every single I windstride. Same, I windstride, get to loading screen and disconnected while loading. servers are getting more unstable by the day. havent played in years... is there a SEA server now? still waiting for a nice patch to comeback . Fix the terrible lag or maybe it's just me. make one option for players use target in monster (TAB).

game continue crash Buy Blade and Soul Gold when i enter in dungeon. isnt this th e old on whers this weeks stream ? Kill the gold spamming with fire. Fix disconnected from server 1000 already pls. We take a look at BNSCoffee—the gear upgrade and recommendation site— and talk with its creator, in this Community Spotlight. I knew about this for some time. I use the site a lot but it still has a lot of work to be done :> but it's very interesting.

The first thing that jumped out at me when I looked at that page was that said user was using a custom profile image, which we're not suppose to be able to do. Unless you know how to ;) icymi, there's also a guide for that. Khabibee Munir But it's not supported by Ncsoft. Exactly NCSoft went to great lengths to rein in the porn and abuse profile pics and turned the profile pic function into something that barely works at all even for legitimate pics. And now it turns out it's fine with them to go on making custom profile pics just as before? So basically they broke the feature for nothing? Just wow.

Yet after all that, NCSoft themselves promotes this player's site, makes a page on their own site to do so, and on that page we see a picture NCSoft themselves posted of that player's profile, Blade and Soul Gold using a custom profile image. When supposedly at the same time people get banned for using *client side* mods to adjust the appearance of things, which no one else can see, unless they stream the game, post videos, or images. They may have even banned some people for using custom profile images. Yet in this case, it's ok? Seriously, what the hell!


It's still not gonna work for Balmung

I just wish you had put more than 90 a ward. Even if sub gets 90 more, it's still not anywhere near for places like Balmung.Oh well. Parking at the spot a'hoy because my character needs an apartment ICly. 6480 appartments per server thats not to bad for a start. And people with a house likely won't go for an apartment.

 It's still not gonna work for Balmung..  6480 is still way to small for high pop servers. Balmung won't be the only one with the problem. And Kyleen, yes they will. Give them a reason to not besides "being fair" because the system already isn't, so why should they? Nobody cares about Balmung. Buy FFXIV Gil It's not just Balmung. Any high pop is fucked.

FC houses have a 512 personal room limit.Apartments sound like FC mansion with copy pasted lobbies and stables. If so they can always more apartments per ward if they need to. The only reason they don't right off the bat is to probably prevent the entire server from going to the Mist on day one. FFXIV Gil 90 in main ward and 90 in sub ward, making 180. Each ward has them, meaning 180*12 making 2160. 3 housing locations makes 6480.

If it's to prevent goign on day one, how does 90 make it better? Players will rush to try and sneak one of the rooms, instead of thinking of taking their sweet time. Where did you get 6480? 90 apartments per building times 3 areas would be 24 apartment buildings per area. I haven't seen any info reflecting that.


new Daily Dash for Blade and Soul

hey!!! that frog over there is a master of dragon pulse right? But Gameguard is still out there... in your game...How can we celebrate that? does HANSU and SANSU came from the so called spirit realm? just confused. you didn't include them. Good night I still think the game without resistance please mend it.  Latest update has made it unplayable for me ;( hopefully next update I can play again.

"Soha can shoot me anytime" xD hey is there any Penalty for afk cancer in Whirlwind Valley? how about improving the game as thanks? soha is the best, Blade and Soul Gold hands down! You into her in the winter it was show lol. Soha can shoot me anytime. Rifleman class when? we need more cool wallpapers like this one .

Seriously there's such thing that's awesome! hi!.. can we play this in philippines? What? BNS isnt in the Earthern realm. Its in the Pay to win realm! Best MMO RPG I've ever experienced~~~  there is a national video game day?  happy national video games day everyone.  1080p version please! Buy Blade and Soul Gold A new Daily Dash is coming that provides additional bonuses for those with Premium Membership.

oo late ncsoft, too late, i just deleted the game about 2 weeks ago/ i waited 5 fkin months so you can change those benefits or to give something to us, but you failed miserably. Our benefits are crappy compared to the TW version.  Daily dash for premium members? HAHAHAHA GLHF. Yeah, there's no problem with the game becoming p2w.


BNS second step of scorpio

I only can run 4 dailies a day. how many did u run?? How did ppl get Hongmoon coins to buy stuffs. Cuz i have no luck from open boxes or spend the wheels. My plays time is limit. I can't stay up all night like some ppl do. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I know some young ppl can stay up til 3-4 am. I can't do that.

LOl. This game is not a bad game. It's the cost of mats and cost of gold to upgrade. 50 gold for the second step of scorpio i think. ppl try to get their ap up to 550-600 or else they can't join the group. so it does put a lot of stress on some ppl that wanted to plays. Not everyone have a lot of times to grinds. Ill wait to see the next update.

I also have limited play time and to be honest yeah the cost to upgrade is crazy but you have to ask urself. If getting max gear was easy what will u do when ur at max. Blade and Soul Gold Part of the upgrades is to feel as an accomplishment. That you got to that stage u wanted and worked hard for it. One thing i like is you can run pretty much all dungeons at like 550 ap. That's not hard to get. So just being able to enjoy the content you got enough. Juat upgrading higher is for you to feel like ur hard work payed off.

ooh noo...u don't see they post for 600 to 650 ap? they're very picky. I am at 620 ap. I still have more accessories to upgrade. My point is...being poor all the time is not fun. I have no problem get in group with my smn. I feels bad for some ppl being kick all the time. When i get to save up. Is always something to upgrade.


Blade and Soul VS FFXIV

if anyone has an invite for this game I would love to play in the alpha. LOL considering how they maintained bns this game is going down the shitter in 3-4 months. If blizzard couldn't compete in the MOBA genre, I sincerely doubt MXM can xD. Blizzard IS competing in the MOBA genre, don't be an idiot.

 HotS is honestly a terrible setup for MOBA style gameplay. Why should I have to wait for my team to accomplish stuff to level up being one of the several issues with it Blade and Soul Gold .  Aaron Doucette The very fact that it's so casual is a turn-off. Casual play can work in a game like HS, where matches last 2-5 minutes and you can play it on your mobile device.

They also tried to artificially inflate it with tournaments, Buy Blade and Soul Gold while still sticking to the whole "casual game" thing. If you ask me, it's a game which didn't (and doesn't) know it's own direction and the only reason why it's even still alive, is because of the universe in which it's in, which is being kept alive by other IP's (like SC, WOW, Diablo).

Aaron Doucette Also I do have to add - You are reliant on your team in other MOBAs as well, although it's more prevalent in HOTS, due to it's "everyone is a winner, friendship is magic, casual tone". Ahahhaha then why lol its stsrting die? Ops. Poharan carries a minigun or gatling gun, not a chaingun. And the sound effect used in the game is entirely wrong that kind of gun. See the M-61 for what it should sound like.


FFXIV the most memorial characters for me

Guy gamers will never understand. That makes no sense.  Said every guy ever when it came to a girl. If one outfit brings you back to the game, you're playing for the wrong reason. FFXIV Gil Why are people so agitated by this? I'm going to give you the warcraft-esque repose here: were probably better off without you, with that attitude.

 Abbie Dee I have like no idea...I find it amusing tbh Michael Mendoza there is no wrong or right reason for playing the game I enjoy rpg games that have a wide selection of armours and clothes for my character to wear I love Rinoa and Rikku outfit they are the most memorial characters for me and I think mixing and matching their outfits would be fun.

Nicole B. Wow how adult of you. Buy FFXIV Gil As if the free time weren't enough. Give me more free stuff. Lol smh. Some people need to teach their children to be grateful. I'm actually laughing right now about how my choice is effecting people. Live and let live. Peace out. moving on.  The reason I quit was because of the no life, toxic community, youre honestly better off without the game.

Well, there's a Rikku minion for US fan fest attendees and people who purchase the stream, so I'm guessing the idea for an outfit would be met with "Please look forward to it". the opportunity has come to spend your worth time with. I think it triggered some people when you word it like you may come back for a glamor piece. Michael Mendoza Come on... we all know glamour is the true endgame.


Blade and Soul SEA/OCEAniC server

Learn how to play ur class then sf is op. Yeah hope so i was easily killed by mobs same as my KFM dude suicide squad. Is the warlock event one coming back anytime? Or any event costumes? It sucks when you miss an event and can't get/buy the costumes you want :( That's why people are using mods.... I want to buy my costumes but I can't because they are not in the store! This sucks.

How can u obtain the night luna outfit? They said its in the daily dash but theres nothing there. Blade & Soul Gold :x so what are we going to get once the story is over after July 20th?? Well it's the end of act 4 story. We are still missing more of the story. Korea still has a few more Acts left. I forget how many. Master account? Means??  Ajarin dong senpai 😆.. bantuin cri bahan up wep mat biar enak hunt hihi.

Frankly... I put it on only once and that was for the last time. Cut out all the crying on the Forum You kiddies need to grow some. Khairil Arifin nah lakasi mpe lv 50 biar dpt costumenya.Buy Blade and Soul Gold I heard their servers are pretty quiet. Only a matter of time? SEA/OCEAniC server please! the ping is so terrible ,.. So, no chance to get it for us new comers?

Dw the costume sucks anyway. There's way better ones that drop from dungeons,  I agree, The costume is not that great and 15 days is plenty of time in my opinion. You can finish the story line withing few days. And as Andrew said, it not the best costume. The Infinite challenge (from dreadtide) is my personal favorite. Am at lvl 17, so am gonna go at it, I try to collect stuff. I do not get mail account verification. So back to not being able to play what is going on.


BNS Q&A stream with Senior Producer Nico Coutant

Miss our Producer's Letter Q&A stream with Senior Producer Nico Coutant, Director of Community Omeed Dariani and Assistant Producer Jonathan Lien? I was palying blade and soul when suddenly i disconnected at the same time at July 17 and time 10:17 (time in Greece) i received an e-mail that it was saying that my e-mail adress has been changed.

Thank, you for your time. Blade and Soul Gold P.S. I had one character FM at ebony hall with the name LightningH if you happen to she my char please make sure you will tell me thanks. Hello! If you can't access your account anymore, please contact the support here: Anyone know if soul fight is being patched in tonight at midnight? Or some crazy hour in the morning? Pretty pumped to play.

Just found it ..... Not really US friendly.... Doesn't come out till 7am pretty weird time to launch. Don't think I've played an mmo yet that didn't do midnight but I guess it is what it is......  this game shoukd be not about gear but about skills and how you learned to play, i feel like it will have sad ending like aion did.

So basically your saying you should be able to get good but putting in no work at all? Lol can you name me 3 mom's that has no grind in it whatsoever. .......Buy Blade and Soul Gold I'll wait. Which problem? I got from true profane to awakened oathbreaker, awakened siren accs and true siren ring in less than a week without even putting much work into it. That's literally the gear you need to clear the current content on 6mans. If you want to 4man it(which is essentially a hard mode) then you need better gear to compensate for lack of two players.


FFXIV is cater for the very casual gamers

White Knight detected. So you are saying people can't criticize the game while actually paying for it?  the yo kai watch thing seems rather......stupid. I'd rather them FFXIV Gil do pokemon or SMT based wpns and minions instead since those are both on nintendo consoles and involve monster collecting and battling too. Like Nintendo would do a collab with a game not on there console. Think man.they collab with mobile developers to have a new Pokemon Go mobile game, that's not on a nintendo console so i don't see why not.

Looks stupid... But funny at the same time. Shut up and take my money SE!  I believe it's more that SMT and Pokemon have a great fanbase everywhere, including the states but Yokai Watch doesn't have as big as a fanbase out of Japan as does those two games you brought up. This is a good way of spreading the word about Yokai Watch 3 because I mean hell I didn't even know there was a Yokai Watch 2 XD. Dante - me neither lol, i knew of the 1st one but im like when the hell did the 2nd one come out as the 3rd one will be this summer.

 I wish you couldn't max out every job in a week. Remember when maxing a job meant something?? Love final fantasy and all but this one just took away what made ff 11 great .  Unfortunately that model will not survive today, people no longer like the long grinding style that it takes a year to get equipment Cheap FFXIV Gil but stay the best til the end of the game. People now like consistence power improvement (thank WoW for the trend). FFXIV is cater for the very casual gamers, even Savage is shorter and probably im par or easier than WoW's Mythic level.

I doubt you will find games with the FFXI model as not enough people like that model for it, but since trend tends to go in cycle maybe that will come back into fashion one day. If you are maxing out jobs in a week you need a life. No offense but I find it hard to believe you were able to max out every job within a week.


Resistance All Pinoy Clan Searching for Pinoy members in BNS

And you cant even message someone here? This alone has turned me off from even playing this game, issues preventing you from even playing, and no way of contacting anyone without having an account already, thanks but no thanks. Dont worry thou, Im just uninstalling this, with this many headaches just trying to create an account, Blade and Soul Gold there is no need to bother trying this game.  Yay, pets. Personally, I don't care if they fight too, because that'd kinda ruin the purpose of he summoner, but I want a kitty friend!

 I still can't beat tower 8 and they got this coming out >.> if only I had lots of money to be relevant. what is this blade & soul you guys are talking about? btw I just spent 6 hours watching paint dry and I had so much fun! Stopped playing because update's were too frequent. I'm a very casual player and I like to take my time. Really wish Soul Fighter was this patch. I really want to check it out before I'm done with this game.

So soon? Ah man, but what am I going to do after I take her down? The story is so short if I face her off so soon. pfft another update .. but the bots are still free to lurk ur server? confused emoticon how will pets affect combat because im thinking no good will come from summoners being able to have 2 summons at once. -waits patiently for people start complaining about fast updates-  Ya idk why these idiots complain they are getting us up to speed with the Korean version ASAP. Which is great so new content will be actually new not 3 years old. Yup, and all this content can be done with true pirate, but they're so bad they can't mechanic.

Resistance All Pinoy Clan Searching for Pinoy members, active and loyal players.

-Iksanun server
-Red faction
-lvl15 clan
-no Class restrictions
click join on our fb page if you like to be one of us! Where SEA/Oce servers ? You said TW have right for SEA yet...so....you ask them or just " Oh , see guys, TW have SEA right, Buy Blade and Soul Gold let's tell the players about that and just bye bye " ? Petition ? Right...right....worthless since last year.
" 1.8k pretty impressive " - Omeed
Now 15k , pretty-opposite-impressive ? hi blade and soul support team im trying to login to my account, Resistance All Pinoy Clan Searching for Pinoy members, active and loyal players.  I love her...it was love at first sight ...why should i revenge on Jinsoyun ??? I used to hate her for what she did to the school until I learned the truth behind her actions... Oh, Jinsoyun, why must I hate you when I want to love you?


FFXIV heavensward

Not true. Several items when you remove them from a house are lost. I want the Stuffed Moogle but if I upgrade from medium house to a large I want to know I can take my $11 Moogle with me instead of having to purchase a new one. buy Blade and Soul Gold Can't access it atm which is why I was asking . i believe the only furniture that gets destroyed on removal is primal themed - your premium stuffed moogle you will be able to keep. the only way you'd lose it is if you lose access to your house or someone else with permissions takes it away.  I bought the moogle today and took it out of my house and put it back in to test this, it will not be deleted.

I have ff14 on my pc. If I buy it for ps4 (which is in a different place, I'm the only user of the game in either place) Blade and Soul Gold can I use my same account to play or do I need to start all over again? You can transfer your account over. I had to do that when I went from PS3 to PS4. Same Account, though you'll have to refix your UI on the PS4 Version. i think for 25$ you can transfer PS to PC or PC to PS, maybe now it's free, havent check recently, its somewhere on mogstation.  I'll be able to jump back and forth? Basically I live in one place durring the week and another place durring the weekend.

it's the same exact account, no jumping back and forth.
for people who went from PS3 to PS4 it was a matter of upgrading yoru account to PS4 access, and making it no longer accessible for PS3.
so no worries, you can play the same char on both ps4 and pc, you just need to own a copy of the game on both platforms Same account. You just need to buy the game and expansion for each separate system and link them to your account. Actually you dont need to buy the HW for both systems. I bought it once for PS4 and it updated itself on my PC when I logged in there once. So just Realm Reborn for both systems (once HW) and thats it. Dee Kothe my PS4 version doesnt have heavensward but i have both for PC; and on console I cannot level past 50 or teleport to new areas; so what you said isnt true.

Yes, you can just back and forth! You don't need to transfer. It's just annoying because your personal settings (UI, equip sets, etc) do not sync between platforms. For example, if I change my Warrior's gear on PS4 today, tomorrow on PC it'll be like "Hey bro where's yo pants?"  Anyone playing it on PC is playing with those on the ps4 as well. Welp, looks like I know what my crafting glamours will be! Talking about Cid's gear?


Blade and Soul SoulStone Plains

 It takes time to get your weapon to Pirate where everyone wants 400+ AP to run lab. Please make a kick option at party not for the offline players but also for other members like afk/bots so we can kick them permanently. unfair to the hard working players trying to finish to the dg i hate bots and afkers so much. "Zaiwei will serve as your new base of operations"
Do you mean...the bots' new base of operation?

I am more worried about the bots all swarming into SoulStone Plains. You can enjoy watching the destroyer bot parties just spin the crap out of every player in the field, or just summoners with their cats pouncing cheap Blade & Soul Gold on the poor target...so fast. this isnt too friendly on casuals.. hopefully some upgrade paths become easier for those who are still on profane weapons and accesories. Theres already a pretty big gap and its going to get bigger now .

 I have no isse about the game, Buy Blade and Soul Gold the game is perfect at my end. But my only issue is having a bot as a leader in a dungeon run. Cant votw to kick. Other than that, im good. Doing a good job ncsoft and keep coming with those contents. Played Korean servers, waiting YEARS for an NA release. So much time and spending money on Masters Pack. Wanted to see a flat rate for inventory expansion instead of three terrible options. Bots all over constantly in Arena and whispers, they're now sending friend requests to people. After playing The Division for a couple days....I find myself cringing to just looking at my BnS desktop icon. Sad really, so much hype. But in the end, nothing changed.

Wow people still play this? It's all about that desert now. Warlock should have been out. Black Desert come out and boom on here you go,warlock. Too late, Black Desert is better and they don't need fan service. GG Bns, GG tree of saviors, y'all took too long.


Blade and Soul Founder exclusive weapon skin

125$ Founder exclusive weapon skin that can only be redeemed once. bullshit game.  The game should be renamed to Bots & Spams lol but that doesnt stop me from playing. The amount of bots and spammers is like overwhelmingly scary. Please do something about it. Are there any fixes for NVIDIA Graphics card? I still keep crashing. Much better if u complete the quest u will not return to the NPC that give u the quest just to receive ur rewards.

Please get rid of bots NCSoft. I swear there is not a single area in the game not infested with them. Orchard of Souls was absolutly flooded today with bots. I love the fanboy defenders Blade & Soul Gold . You're allowed to dislike things, and even voice why you dislike them. Without such criticism, the game can't improve. Calm down. Fix the bots, the spammers, the hackers on arena, yea...hackers, perma stealth PLAT and going on!  I can perma stealth. You can rip out of stealth with proper AOE, counter, blocks, and CC's.

Yup. Marami ng Pinoy na lumalaro. Latency lang ang problema. Accountwide achievements (not the dmg achievements but the others like titles and such) and wardrobe please. I loved the combat of this game but hated the rest. Buy Blade and Soul Gold uninstalled fast and i had high hopes. Im reaaally tired of getting my costumes on all my chars instead of just having a shared wardrobe. I dont understand why we cant have it frown emoticon.

I loved the combat of this game but hated the rest. uninstalled fast and i had high hopes. I gave it a chance but there isn't really something that wants me to come back. I have been thinkign about trying it out again but eh, I always go for something else.


SF already released in TW

New char slot would be nice. it would be no skin off your back so AND that should serve to keep some of those players you've been boasting about. Jaesung said, that Warlock is flashy, it has the best animations and the coolest looks, but thats about it. just wana clarify since ur support doesnt give a straight answer.. can we use programs like WTFast to help with our ping since you guys dont seem to want to do anything about it to the players who are having shitty pings..

Warlock's soon? Huh. I wonder if I should actually look into this class...honestly, I just want Soul Fighter. soul fighter was just released on korean server like 3 months ago Blade and Soul Gold .. i dont think we are getting it soon. Lonnie warlock is considered an old class cause its been released since 2014 e,e makes sense we get it now. You do realize Blade and Soul came out practically...5 years ago, right? Meaning it took Korea 3 years to get Warlock. We're getting it in close to a month after release. I'm not saying I want Soul Fighter next week, but in a month or two is highly plausible.

SF already released in TW yesterday so we might get SF in few months after WL. You make warlock .... again new... First step balance the fcking unbalanced characters and pvp system.... after you can make new character LOL. NCSOFT logic confrimed like an idiots.

Oh that's great grin emoticon I'm sure WL will be my main but I'm not sure if I'll like BM FM that much cheap Blade & Soul Gold than making a second warlock but let's see how it goes grin emoticon or I might just buy extra slots. New costumes available and the Currency Exchange is now live!


blade and soul launching game

The problem is when i try to get into the game, the ping jumps to 900+. The crazy thing is when I minimize the game, the ping descend to 12-30 as it should be. the change comes every time i restore the game window, get a mother fucking lag in 10 seconds and minimize again, restoring the 12+30 ms ping.

You're not the only one with that problem Blade and Soul Gold ami also jumps to the lagger I have ping 50 ms and up to 200 ms. in starfall crater server i can't log in anymore....an hour or two i had massive lag...now its all dead.

I'm stuck at the launcher. It's says Launching Game and that's it Buy Blade and Soul Gold , nothing else happens. I even left it for some time yet it's still the same. I wonder what's wrong with NA server. 4 hours ago when I was in combat, it doesn't have delay. Now each time I wanna attack, there's delays.
There's nothing wrong with my connection or ping. Servers had a problem and everyone was forced to relog (iirc there was a message). after that the delay + lag started.

Skill locked and can't do anything until combat ends... Do a restart of clients please to hopefully fix this mess that has occured. Question: why i cant get verification to my Email ive been waiting for like 8hrs now. i've check all the folders in my email accoun but no there was no verification code. 


Blade and Soul armor and weapons

So I just charged 100 dollars to my card so I could get Ncoins. grin emoticon so I could buy yer new fashion for my Smexy Assasin and some of the Materials I needed to upgrade my armor and weapons. So the transaction went through and the money was taken from my account, but when I went to log in to use it at the game store. It shows the old amount of 203 ncoins. I go to my Account on the website and the money's not there. But I pull up my bank information and you guys made a transfer Buy Blade and Soul Gold .....So either my bank is lieing to me or ya'll have more problems than just what yer saying.

Now I'm gonna go call my bank and have them refund this stuff....I really want to like yer game and play it. I'm almost lvl 45 and I love the game mechanics but if yer money problems persist I'll just have to enjoy the F2P aspects without the Premium Perks.

Guys is anyone else having a problem with the market place mine says temp unavailable. i have tried relogging and reinstalling game but not working never has. the game is awesome heart emoticon however after the last maintenance, the game became too laggy and I get disconnected from time to time... before the latest maintenance the game was running so smooth even if my connection is crappy lol.. now i cant do x server dungeons, because I can't throw any skills or my character suddenly dies BNS Gold.

So I've been doing some research on rather can we be looking forward to BnS hitting consoles, an I know NCSoft does have a partnership with sony but has there been any other confirmation of NCSoft games hitting console anytime soon?


Blade & Soul CN/TW servers

I'm not pretty sure too smile emoticon Looks like you can see it when you press P which will show you your Stats? Blade & Soul do something about the damn bots ok spam is so bad its hard to chat to anyone in faction or anything else. Block limit is 50 and its full already.

Anyone else stuck on the log in screen? prem or not (I'm prem so is better half and both stuck on log in screen after entering passcode) . YES ! This is exactly what i been waiting to hear about grin emoticon Keep up the good work guys, baby steps to 50 content .  little step for real life people big step for us gamers smile emoticon may the day come when Blade & Soul Gold sellers pc have a crash and when que time will be history .

Im 100% sure that people will be camping/spam farm this dgn the moment it gets released. Just like what they are doing with poharan dgn xD. And also.. why is f3 function only available when u have premium? While other versions, JP for example have it for free?! (No idea about CN/TW servers) Why did you guys change the format for checking on peoples stats? Cant we have it private..? lol or is this a format in CN/TW version or NA version just makes other players insecure by checking on other peoples stats/equipments? I love the game.. its just that some features are unlikable.. cheap Blade & Soul Gold (submitted some surveys in-game) Blade and Soul I am very impressed. I was worried that as soon as I reached L45 I'd be super bored but this new update sounds promising smile emoticon also, everybody keel crying about those gold sellers, but honestly they dont bother me.

You guys have been doing great work since launch. Server overflow, u add new servers. Queue takes too long, u add an afk kick. Great job guys, keep it up smile emoticon . getting tired off mmo's these days due to no aussie servers and having to deal with lag all the time might just quit that genre


Blade and Soul will start its Open Beta to the EU and NA players

 It Launches on my Birthday BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER.  Something went wrong on our end. Please try again in a few minutes. (5300)???Can't buy Founders Pack ! Are different servers in America situated in different zones, I mean... could selecting a specific server affect latency?  all servers in Dallas, Texas for NA while Frankfurt, Germany for EU. On the 15th players that bought the founders pack will have early access. Normal players on the 19th. According to Blade and Soul Gold ;S we have to keep the Launcher of the game just in case.

The Korean developers said that a ping of 50-150 is acceptable. You will not get that ping even with WTFast etc.It would be best to play the Japanese version to get a 150 ish ping. But this version is not in English obviously. So 19 januar i can play without money?? (Ty for answer). where i can download this game Blade & Soul Gold ? then why be like get ready to spend money as an advertisement thats just dumb. What a great way to start 2016! Only 15 days until launch!

Blade and Soul will start its Open Beta to the EU and NA players'' ????? Looks liek the site is not up to date lol. We aren't having an open beta period. Head Start for Founder's Packs will start Jan 15, and official launch is Jan 19. I know, it's just that the site is not really up to date, this emote is more of a facepalm aimed at the site. I quoted the article you just linked. Adriano Trévor. U would not need to download again. ... if u have the cbt client u r good... on the 15th u just will need yo update thats all. this is the league of legends facepalm one. Can't wait for Head Start to begin.. Was so addicted during CBT now it's gonna be even better >:D I miss my Force Master though.