Blizzard have issued frequent rounds of Diablo 3 accounts

Over the last year, Blizzard have issued frequent rounds of Diablo 3 accounts  ans for cheating in Diablo III,

just Always say hi to everyone, and if someone is staying with you the whole time in game its a bot. and if you find out just report for botting. i think its the best thing to do.Except that it actually has no effect on you as a player whatsoever. Just plau the game. Simple as that. The game is not about worrying and being jealous about other people, that's just a problem YOU have, it's not the point of the game. Who cares if other people are investing time and money into the game to make stronger characters? Has zero effect on you and your enjoyment of the game, unless you make it a huge issue in your mind.

I almost never use the AH, and I still enjoy the game like many others Diablo 3 items for sale. It's personal opinion, not a law or fact. YOU care about the AH. YOUR personal enjoyment is effected by it. The same is not true for everyone else, and Is tand as an example of this.Last time I checked, conforming to the norm was being a tool. o.0 lol. The only hack I desire is to make room creation like they had in D2 lol.


how to choose active skills for barbarian leveling

Another ability that I had hard time dropping. Disadvantage of it is, that it is the only shout that is not generating any fury, and actually costs 20 of it. Sometimes you may end up not being able to use this because you will be trying to stay alive by using Seismic Slam.  DO NOT drop War Cry in favour of this shout. WC is just too good to pass up with its boost to all of your resistances. If you lack some damage, you may pick up Battle Rage and War Cry at the same time. Unarguably, Marauder’s Rage is the best rune for it. Well, I suppose that Swords to buy Diablo 3 account Ploughshares might be worth looking at, if you decide to pick Pound of Flesh passive and depend on health globes. I would say that Battle Rage complements well with Ruthless passive and Hammer of the Ancients ability. In other words – heavy crit based build (you might need some crit on your gear for that).

This ability might also be good if you need some high DPS along with Diablo 3 items strong burst for certain encounter (for example for Inferno Rakanoth). You could sacrifice your fury spender (for example Seismic Slam) and replace it with this shout. You should get a lot more damage by having BG up, being on max fury with Berserker Rage passive on and by just mashing your Frenzy button.

20% flat damage reduction every 15 seconds is nice, but I done some testing and in my opinion War Cry with Diablo 3 items buy right rune gives you more survival and damage migration in the most O SHIT situations. Tempting thing about Threatening Shout is its rune: Demoralize. You get to actually TAUNT your enemies for 3 second. Yes, you can capture aggro on mobs the same way tanks do in WoW by using this ability.

2000% weapon dmg is HUGE. I find this ability to be working best along with Wrath of the Berserker. Do not pick it up instead of WotB – it is just not worth it.  You will do less damage (well maybe not in aoe situations, but it is still not worth it ) and also, you won’t get survival bonuses from WotB.  As for runes, pick whatever you like. Chilling Earth gives you very nice CC and The Mountain’s Call works very well with Boon of Bul-Kathos passive.

Some people like to use this, so if you are one of them then by all means... 4 sec long AoE stun is very nice (less effective in inferno, because inferno mobs have default cc reduction time), and 12 sec cd on it is not bad, not bad at all. Try it and see for yourself if you find it useful.


"LampSwap" si good for getting some Marid pieces

This will be an epic opportunity for Akhet to get some Marid pieces. :D

I gots a hefty haul-ish of the other pieces, hopefully will have something to interest others enough in parting with their blue bits. ^_^

rs gold buy

Now, the major problem: remembering about the event. My mind is like a sieve. T-T

*Plasters what little that's visibly left on the desk with sticky notes*
Yay, pleased you'll find it useful! Expect the chat to liven up after 10pm BST, as we're putting the word out on our social networking channels around then. Then you should have lots of people to arrange swaps with ! :D

I was just thinking actually, maybe we should pick a world for people to actually swap on? The location has to be by Jasper, in Al Kharid, right? Good plan/great plan?

"LampSwap" is the friend chat right? Kind of empty when I sell rs accounts entered it...


MP10 Game Lockup

I figured, grouping all the mobs up and burning them down all at once would net me more overall. Massacre bonuses and things like that adds up and for some reason whenever we do this we tend to get a lot of Diablo 3 item legendaries when we kill the mobs.

Have you tried maybe stopping and actually killing things instead.

The best part of the video is the end.   When u all die.. So with the mob density changes in Act 1, I found myself running it alot more and tried to figure a way to farm it better. This however led to some problems.

I think Blizzard needs to upgrade their servers or something as the whole game locks up. No matter what area of the game you are in it locks up for everyone in the game with you.


enjoy diablo 3

 ok to put and end to this theme.... i described WHAT I THINK THIS GAME NEEDS TO HAVE TO BE FUN to play.... read up please ! And i see now that blizzard knew what they were doing, when they satisfied 30 people that still play diablo3.Ok enjoy your game, i know i won't be buying expansion, unless they make it for normal people and not brain dead. Yes, diablo2 had its kind of customization ( you could make wizzard on 20 different builds, or any other class for that matter ) , no it wasnt only one viable that's BS.... i did with all classes hell shitload of times with many different builds.Anyway we can write here for days, i think i had the right to say what i think would make Diablo3 a good game and worthy of playing. Although, to tell you the truth, i don't think i am going to play anymore at all, sold all my gear on RMAH and made myself a profit, cheers enjoy diablo 3.

I like the "us versus them" part. "If you play D3 you're brain dead buy Diablo 3 account." Classy. Also, min-maxing is a dead end when a patch comes in to nerf your skills.

Oh look another diablo post, lets post an original and never before said hate/ criticism here to make me look cool and original.

dont you get it? adding themes doesnt increase game replay (100 levels of paragon sell Diablo 3 account are proof of this), the skill tree is garbage

Dressed to kill? Creating a themed character? We can't dye legendaries, there is no customization at all. Most good players have all legendaries, we have to look the way you want us to. We can't change voice/face/hair style color. We weren't asking for much cheap Diablo 3 gold , is this the 90s or something? Really pathetic. (I have 600 hours of playtime, the game is ok at best but has no endgame or pvp) so it's dead to me.


strongarm arcane aninimations available solomen's general store

Hey I bought the arcane fishing one and it's pretty cool, but the water trail is way too short. It's not even half the distance to our hands.

Is it possible to tweak this a bit so the water trail is longer?
If you remember the June BTS, they ARE working on an update for the loyalty store.

And adding new rewards in the store, before updating it, is quite pointless at the moment. It already takes runescape accounts for sale being member for 18 years to unlock everything! These look interesting....I'd no doubt get some of them if they were about 100 coins less, or half price. Ah well, maybe later if there happens to be something that truly makes me throw my wallet at my computer monitor and there are coins left over..
Tempted to get one of the resting animations, doing push-ups seems pretty amusing. The arcane resting looks pretty cool sell runescape accounts too.
This animations actually look good based on the concept art. It's a shame I'm not made of money and wouldn't waste any on such overpriced cosmetics. Paying for membership is more than enough money I should be wasting. squid cape and seaweed hair were free since the summer jagex.
I know ur greedy so thats why u wont give any cool items for free.

yay page to and I like these animations won't get unless free probably but really those items that were given for free already ug.


community spotlight blog features Dustin Synnestved

This week’s community spotlight blog features Dustin Synnestvedt and his unique stained glass panel of the Archangel Tyrael!

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Ah.. finally glad to see a diablo post without some whiny kids complaining about D3. Hopefully it will stay that way. See you guys!by saying Diablo 3 items that you are just encouraging them...

Dustin shared the photos many of the laborious process of creating, the creation of this stained glass that took him 75 hours. This process, the cutting plan glass, shaping it further in the grinder cheap diablo 3 gold
He looks cooler in his angelic armor than as human Tyrael.That looks amazing, nice work!


E3 2013 in downtown Los Angeles

First question:Why haven't you fixed diablo 3 yet.
Second Question:Why haven't you apologized with Warcraft 4
 Because they ruined the series

Why would you think that  cheap d3 gold? We should get an updated Warcraft RTS, it doesn't have to involve the main story line at all and we need an apology for diablo 3 and the HoTS campaign

So many whiny spoiled brats have this page liked. I'm glad D3 was a disappointment to you entitled slobs. You didn't deserve a good game anyway.
Why are you re-releasing our CE exclusives? D3 is the only game I have ever bought in CE selling Diablo 3 account and now it's for nothing because the exclusive content is no longer exclusive.

They made some really good changes to the game but they waited too long to release them. The bonuses for being in full parties help with lvling and drop rates. My only problem is they should have made 2 desperate games with 1 for PC much like D2 with 8 player games, hostiling d3 account, random generated maps. And the one they have now for the consoles.

 Hey Diablo fans. Sorry to see your favorite game has gone down the tubes....Well gone down even further. Anyways, you should check out Path of Exile when installing D2, GGG actually cares about their fans.