Gems and Transmutation allow you to further customize your Blade & Soul character

Gems and Transmutation allow you to further customize your Blade & Soul character. I am hoping someone gets me blade and soul for my birthday because the game releases on my birthday! Why does someone have to "get" you Blade and Soul? It's free 2 play. Get it your self. Sev Elmazoski I thought it was a one time purchase with no monthly Blade and Soul Gold ? Sev Elmazoski maybe he was thinking of Black Desert Online? Lance Gifford Nah, been following Blade and Soul since it's Korea release and I knew the Korea version wasn't F2P. Just didn't know West version was completely F2P (cosmetics and stuff aside)

I mean....no where on the website says that it's P2P...the only thing you can "purchase" besides the normal ncsoft currency is the founder packs. Brianna Newman Lots of companies in past that do founder pack type deals early, eventually switching at some point in the release month to the regular purchases.Granted if you dig around the purchase section of blade and soul and go into Q and A's you can find the info saying it will be F2P but as a practically broke college student I never even expected to be able to afford a founders pack so I never really looked at that area of the website.

Naww its f2p bruh cheap Blade & Soul Gold . I been waiting for 6 years for this game to come out to the west and now its happening. Its worth the wait . I didnt buy founders pack lol. I have patience waiting. Unfortunately if you surrender, you lose all your faction quest progress. But if you don't then you keep dying when you spawn... there will be dicks everywhere. Juan Lopez No its free, but u get extra things if u preorder it, Like 3 days headstart. i hope the assasins have a better chance to get out of the campers then.  You can play for free on russian server. But they did reset all the accounts and I've lost my characters..


Blade and Soul Warlock's weapons

Why is every item we sell to the vendor only get 1 or 2 copper but buying a dumpling cost about 5 silver? and the most annoying part of the game is dungeon roll. we get little copper from quest and selling stuff to vendor but we have to use it just to roll for items in dungeons. can that be change? Once you get a little ways into the game Buy Blade and Soul Gold you can make your own dumplings for a few copper. smile emoticon And the more you run dungeons the more money you will make, as the items are bid on and the amount paid is divided among the rest of the party.

They should make all those vendor item a little cheaper since making money isn't easy. I played beta test all the way up to level 22 and it seems I don't have enough silver to do anything at all. I can't even buy a unsealing seal from the vendor or a dumpling. because I mostly use my copper for repair and dungeon roll. they should just do a class item roll on dice.is it a bug that Warlock's weapons are found in the game or do you (NCSoft) plan on letting us test Warlock on this CBT? I'm pretty sure it's neither. We will not get Warlock until we are patched with L50 content, and that is at least 6 months away.... As for the weapons that appear? Why remove them? They'll just be there when the Warlock finally does arrive....

 Hello people, is there any way i am able to buy founders pack for my friends and i without going through amazon? Blade & Soul if we applied our code to our account already Cheap Blade & Soul Gold and our characters will be wiped at launch, will we receive all the founders pack gifts all over again? An example being our premium membership days being reset again at launch(?)... re-receiving the exclusive items and dragon pouches, etc. to our new characters. Since CBT will be wiped you'll be getting all those perks in the official release as well. Are the players can play beta1 beta 2? have a question, ¿de player of the beta 1 cant play the beta 2? hi there.

sry for posting here but its the only place i could get in contact ( hopfully) with the team.


Blade & Soul have Founder Pack

 It'll be really interesting to see how "we" keep our own against one of the best in the world.I myself will pass on this, as I am by no stretch of the imagination a PvP player Blade & Soul Gold, but I wish everyone who's taking a shot at this the best of luck! Next cbt will have EU servers, its playable with 120ms latency About the master pack...i ve tried to buy it but i got an error 5104 i think...did u ever encountered a problem ??? No, are you using paypal? Try to submit a ticket, they usually answer fast Ye but to compete with pro players (or any players for that matter) you need like 10-20 ping. it is but this article is about arena event that sadly only NA players can participate in. Anyway I managed 70% win rate in arenas even with my ping lolYou need a key for cbt. You could get One for free free days ago, in those guveaway. This game will be free at release.
Blade & Soul Gold

 How about you invite some people to play the game? Free founders pack for those who can't afford even the cheapest one. Not all but maybe some who really wants to play the game badly. Sorry for my english h3h3 They can just wait for the release then It's going to be free so why would they give away something they can earn from ?

Plus they did give away keys to those who were subscribed to their site with email I did get one for the first tests, just like many others Zaitok: They have Founder Pack giveaways every week! Where have you been? Watch (and Follow) their twitch livestreams, Buy Blade and Soul Gold and you have a chance at a free pack (so far, it has always been Master Packs).  I got a beta key from the give away and every time I try to get on it says can't connect to sever I got it from the MMORPG.com give away that I just got Thursday  I keep getting the failed to connect message in game and when I go to the NCSoft site any of the login links just show a blank white page
There's a reason why they don't install any servers at your location. There is not enough players nor money to garner from your location. Blade and Soul Gold Be lucky you guys are not getting IP Block. I once got into CBT1, played abit until i realized my ping around 250-300ms, stopped after like 2 hours something.


my games clean and non-toxi

lee block button to anyone you dislike in your chat will fix your problem. And I like my games clean and non-toxic, with an extra hint of maturity and intellectual comedic sense that relates to in-game goings on.  block them all and let others to read what they want to read.

Yeah right, quality of life , you means I have to spend more just to get rank 10 with more 'quality of life' you talking about ?paying for the premium is really nice btw ^^ u should get it in my opinion, but everyone is free to do what they want yea i have seen such games even they premium but people love to play that coz they got everything balanced i really like that game since im kinda more pvp player.

F2p, this is for people who wants to buy founder and get a chance to win something. and they start playing 4 days before the oficial opening , some costumes and that things.. Blade and Soul Gold i think that they just get faster start, exp drop boost .. but nothing that u can't Buy Blade and Soul Gold get ingame as free player so it's perfect. maximal level 45?this official or private server like blade and soul russian? official NA/EU lv50 servers but in beta it's 45 i guess.  Islam Ahmed but im Chinese isn't good..  i have my founders pack but im still tryin to get atleast 1key for my friend to be able to play with me smile emoticon.but i should remind people that, they will give away beta keys at the stream time, so just download OR update BnS and watch the event vs jaesung The Force Master uses their deadly control of the elements to freeze their enemies in place, and then burn then to ashes. Let the Fire and Ice rain down!


a classic example of EA's incompetence

Not sure he's playing in the north London derby fan boy! !! 57.9 km per 90 mins? He doesn´t even do that on FIFA xD As ridiculous are Eriksons 64.7 km. please please can u check my acconte i always sold players and i get less money then i sold ? now i sale ronaldo with 5500000 and i get 300k less its always like this .. maybe i have to buy Aion Kinah pay tax no ! The image is stupid as average EA manager. These guys are able to run 57 and 65 km per game? Really? What is the world record of Marathon which is like 43kms? 2:02:57 which is 122 minutes! You cannot even manage proper stats EA. Bunch of stupid idiots, at least remove the image from the public.

 Zach Black this chart gives a classic example of EA's incompetence as a company.  Look at the comparison bars!! An infant could do a better job. Of course they dont show goals... trying to make ozil look better. Did the person sizing those bars even look at the stats they were putting in? Most/all are so wrong yet "shocking" it makes it look even at a quick glance.But i m so Aion Gold sad my phone cannot download fifa 16 ut. Why do your servers never ever work? Having so many problems with the EA Servers.  Need at average sprint at the bottom lol. Typical ea with messed up stat bars just like their messed up game. Subscribe this channel for more one of the best FUT 16 videos ! Thank you !! if you want realism you could always opt for PES.

Yeah..if handicap lets the Defence act like idiots, everything is looking easy . Why is every single FIFA goal posted on here by EA SPORTS FIFA so unrealistic and devoid of team creativity? He is not English, you can clearly see. Stop picking on him.  So you are comparing a basketball game with football game... Genius. No dumb ass you obviously don't get it.



6 man exp parties would actually teach people how to play their roles. It should happen Daniel Speight In general, people like you liked FFXI because you NEEDED friends and pre-formed parties to do any content, so it gave you a sense of exclusivity. Whereas in FFXIV you can jump into any content as long as you meet the level requirement FFXIV Gils (thanks to duty finder). In short, you fall into that annoying "elitist" category; mad that us "casuals" can enjoy the same content as you without all the social bullshit.

Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils  I didn't get that impression at all from what Daniel Speight was saying, I played Xi for a long time and 14 since it was originally released, the community was a lot better in Xi from my experience, I have found way more of an "elitist" attitude in 14.  Dude as a PLD/WAR, and RNG/NIN, I loved JP parties....the experience was fast and easy and usually in places a lot of people didn't go to. True, could party with any region during the ranger boom. I remember being taken to the darter pit my first time or bats in the tunnel. I honestly miss the massive chain #'s too.1 of the biggest reasons ff14 is my favourite mmo around is because it doesnt take 3 hours to find a party for quest dungeons.. other games ive quit due to having to shout for hours to find parties just for a dungeon run.

and yeah i only talk in dungeons when giving first timers advice i dont join a dungeon run party to chat.  You keep saying that XI matching is better but solely off the fact that you had friends who you could ask and create a preformed party. That's not matchmaking is it? I didn't say the matching was better, there was no matching. The friends I had were made purely by shouting and searching for parties, that's my whole point. It looks like you've read everything I've said and decided to completely ignore it all. And talking in parties, doing whole quest paths together and then forming a group and making a link shell. Rather than match make for a dungeon, split and never talk to anyone. 6 man dungeons Will also make better healers. .. would be a good idea.


FIFA 16 World Cup

Note to all the clowns who call any player THE BEST OF ALL TIME . .
 Except Pele said he is afraid of Mia Hamm...  Not on world legends on the offline mode That dummy he performed FIFA 16 coins for sale on the keeper is still one of the best things ever. He played in a time when defenders were incompetent. Then giveaway a card or do something you tards. He played in brazil and the mls,the only major thing he won was the world cup.

Ronaldo is an exception because he carries the Portugal team,where messi should have a world cup already because Argentina's world cup squads he's been in have been strong but he doesn't perform in big international games.  Yes Gabriel only,maradona played in Europe and was successful pele was scared to play in europ.

Who else do you know won a World Cup at 17 ??? ..... Best player the world will ever see.. Funny how whenever Santos Travelled to Europe they trashed every single team... At that time you didn't need to go to Europe because clearly.. the best players weren't just there FIFA 16 coins .. Brazil won three world cups with most of the players playing in Brazil! Research before you make a fool out of yourself. Same way Germany won 3 world cups with pretty much all their players playing in Germany.

And fyi the best players were in Europe bar a few.. E.g. Cruyff,Müller,Beckenbauer,Maradona,Best,Charlton, etc  Pele was only so great because everyone else was so bad. Yup, his preference on who is the best football player right now is as arbitrary as hogward points.

Cosmos club in the 70s, his trip to Kolkata that we still remember, he's a legend. Pele is the best of his generation and that's still up for debate. He's in the top ten of all time but the best... No way!!!! We will be saying this about Messi in 50 years.  Everyone complaining about how pele hasnt won anything individually, but he did more, he helped a country win. by 17 PELE was a WORLD CHAMPION!! there is a reson why he is known as "THE KING".


Alex and the same EX dungeons

1 piece of gear per week? 2 new dungeons for... worse gear? Sounds like 2.1 with a higher level cap. Please change this extension of a game into an actual expansion.  it's S.O.P for the raids when they are first released so no shock there and it won't be "worse gear" for many players. It will be under ilv200 which is what the standard currently is. What do you need more then i200 for? i don't think more alexander is coming just yet.  And I HIGHLY doubt anybody bitching here has Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold done Savage Alex, so quit your bitching. Been clearing A4S for the last month thank you, the content you have not done yet does not excuse the company for not releasing *new* content. Release a new expansion the same year as they release an expansion.... ^ this guy's logic.

i200 is the standard for Cheap GW2 Gold what is currently the very-end game, which is by no means where everyone is. The new gear will help new players/characters (or people leveling new classes) get there a bit more gradually without feeling they need to spam Alex and the same EX dungeons all day.  Try to appreciate the new content to experience instead of just going "MUH END GAME." FFXI content was on point idk why this has taken such an almost lazy approach with this game.

CoP was probably the best expansion I have ever experienced. The lv40 mammet fights were crazy. Lol I wasn't even playing at the start of ARR and even I know the raids had only 1 drop a week in the beginning. Did you expect that to just change in HW or something? Also. The dungeons I'm sure drop better gear than neverreap and fractal but of course they don't drop higher than a raid. That's kinda dumb to even think. And not everyone is clearing A4S. Some people aren't even level 60 yet. Lol.. You also don't need ilvl 200 and up for A4S and you won't for the new raids either. Stop rushing and just enjoy the game for now.  I think they just need to reconstruct how they do progression a little bit. Like this 24m should have been out with 3.0 to begin with and should be used as it's own tier and savage should be a lot harder.</pre>


SE is on the verge of being bankrupt until FF14

I think it is also unfair that you say they haven't made great games in the past 10 years. But that is only according to you, and I am sure many others agree. However, there are also a lot of people that have enjoyed many of their games with in the past 10 years. Many people, even long time FF fans, loved the XIII series. As for myself, I absolutely loved Nier, which was released in 2010. Point is just because you haven't enjoyed many of their games in the past 10 years, does not mean others haven't either Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils .I don't play mmorpgs. I've played and beaten all the jrpgs I've wanted to. Who said I was complaining dummy? Smh Just shut up already and learn patience. Go play something else till it's ready. Jesus such a wihiner. This games gonna be amazing and worth the wait.\

I don't think they'd be 'done' either way. Such arrogance xD Square enix was on the verge of going bankrupt. The lost tons of money til they made FF14. Smfhh fan boys.What was their last "great" or "classic" games since the golden era? I honestly am chill lol. It sucks how lack of tone of voice hurts on Facebook or in any type of text.I love how people call others fanboys as an insult. In reality, everyone is a fanboy FFXIV Gils (or fangirl) for something that they really like. So really you are just insulting yourself. It is also sad that you have to stoop to insults for a debate on opinion. In no way did I insult you in my post. You have an opinion and I respect it. Just because I don't agree with it, does not make me wrong. By the way, you also contradicted your argument of them not making great games in 10 years when you say they were on the verge of being bankrupt until FF14. In essence, you just admitted 14 saved them which was developed within the past 10 years. Why you ask? Because it is a great game apparently. On a side note, it is kind of funny that the game that pushed them to the verge of bankruptcy saved them in the end). Yeah final fantasy XIII was not the best in the series, but it was the failure of 14 the first time around that really hurt them a lot.

 Core fans are fans who have played and loved and made Final Fantasy what it is! These people who are saying they didn't like the old FF, well they didn't like FF, thus they aren't the people that supported Square enix and made FF so huge. I agree with this comment. People in Japan loved the lightning saga lol . Brill tomb raider was amazing.....as of recent games, and the rise of tomb raider will match.Square isn't done. They have a entire library of great games. Even if xv doesn't go well. I can bet vii remaster will.


puck u aion NCSoft

 I heard this like 5 years ago but it is still and you still like the page. I miss AION in 2011 until I played in 2012 and miss friends in the game Aion.  how about.... fix the gold spammers on LFG and auto whisper... fix all bots wondering around... ban those ppl who use hacks....
cheap Aion Kinah

if you're smart you'll quit this crap of a game and spend your money on games that deserve it.. once they come along. It's not crap it's just that a whole lot of well u know junk players play it then it becomes no fun. the dont have any $$$ to pay Gm's to be online and just look at the LFG chat and bann the gold spammers.  increase success rate, too many fail make annoy this game.  I'll just leave this here.... Happy Saturday people, and you're welcome for the laughs wink emoticon. Trash events pay to win soon and dead kahrun server buy Aion Gold. all go on SL and p2w? lol all items in store ar trash. cannot connect to server!!!! is there maintainance going?

Don't value players? puck u NCSoft . pucking Aion is going to end soon. wtf I have this system error 20 & I cannot login. there's maintenance today and maintenance again tomorrow .. upset emoticon. few h ago aion worket now all i get is sistem eror and is not lethign log into anithing >_> no ofical site no nothign wats rong ? fixit ppl.  Getting that Error "System Error(20)" what is happening? What I need to do to fix this error? Now I understand "It's maintenance". Interested in working in gaming? If you’re in the San Mateo, CA area, join us August 20th for a NCSOFT recruiting networking event. gameforge that's what happened to this. That was the promotion for what they hoped to implement upon and after Aion 2.0. It's what kept the players playing in hopes of any of this content being released.


FFXIV Heavensward

My main is on Lamia. I would be willing to change servers. Used to be on Leviathan, but i left to follow my one friend who never hangs out with me...lol. Leviathan definitely has lots of experienced players.

On Leviathan, i logged on one day  FFXIV gil, and EVERYONE in my FC Disappeared...leaving me with a medium sized house, millions of gil and no FC members. Apparently, there was some big fight that i was not a part of. Very surprised that roughly 30 folks just up and left the FC. They all moved to other servers. They all put so much time and effort into buying their house. I could not believe that they all just up and left. It's probably still there....maybe i should go back, and try to build it up. The owner of the leviathan FC is in my Lamia FC. I believe he has an alt in Leviathan and checks in every so often...so it is just sitting there.

I tried to recruit, but everyone on Leviathan was just way too cool to join some random chick who wasn't even level 50 yet at the time. So, i left a perfectly good FC that i could have built up with friends, but it was a lot harder than i thought. I had 2 cool dudes join and try to help me  FFXIV gils , but they eventually left to find an FC with people in it.  I will try to look up some post or discussion regarding server info. Some server like mine which is cactuar has a nice balance of pve and crafting, atmosphere is pretty nice, mid to high population.

Then we have Gilgamesh which a very high population server but you will never run into problems finding people to clear contents. I will PM if I find anything tonight. Sorry about the FC drama that's crazy. I actually quit once because my FC moved onto other stuffs.... It might be easier to rebuild in servers that suit your playstyle more.


Berserker is CP

Berserker is CP I guess, the would bender is danjun(hopefully). that class is able to deal with huge dmg by easy combo and auto fire toggle ,which is unfair to other classes, and permit dark knight to pvp is a joke.  I take it means Berserker got his deep sea buffs? (to Nova) as before that he had many issues. Also try not to assume so much on limited experiences (not to Nova).  I haven't played pvp on an mmorpg for a while. Hope we've evolved beyond "This guy has this gear so garenteed win, unless he plays like an idiot"
cheap dfo gold

Dfo pvp is really balanced. All that matters is the level of the gear and rarity. Why do you sound like you contradicted yourself? Unless I misunderstood lol. It's a mix between GA and FA so gear level matters because of armor mastery, otherwise you are balanced. it won't allow you to faceroll with a OP weapon effect.


Watch out for the chronic complainers

Watch out for the chronic complainers. Completing the quest line is not that much of an accomplishment . if you think the game is shitty and you've only done that, you are shitty. Leave.Not enouh space to carry all your crap seasonal items and fix the gil spamming websites... it shouldn't be too difficult. FFXIV gil I'm tired of having my status set to busy and my friends not being able to message me.
 Sorry! They didn't give me enough inventory space to carry the necessary items of the game let alone carry seasonal stuff buy FFXIV Gil. I don't have time to be a spriggan or room for more junk that I can't sell at some point. I am glad some enjoy the festivities.

You are both terrible people. With that said, I want the Sultana to help me with mine.Seems cool. I'm gonna check it out in a few. Seasonals are usually nice distractions.I really enjoyed this year's event. Didn't really see where it was going until it got there hah. Off topic, but I've been having a LOT of issues with the launcher  FFXIV Gil lately...getting the solid black screen, and none of the usual fixes are helping. Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (64 bit). Any suggestions?
D: is there any way to get the hat? buy FFXIV gil i would much rather that than the earrings.

 They are in the cash shop, or see if anyone has any spares from last year's event.Nothing like two hours of work to get egg shaped earings for my badass dragoon guy..... Meh...shoulda been a spriggan costume or minion.It was from last year's event I believe. It's possible you could check the auction house for one.Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Xbox One review scores 4 out of 5.


What class will need to do a Dark knight

What class will need to do a Dark knight FFXIV Gil and others classes ? you guy maybe put it on website too.

No. Obviously you'd need those for cross-class skills, depending on if both will be from the other two tanks, FFXIV gil but you only need to have any class to 30. (I hear this often and it's pointless if that's confirmed, as you need to have completed the level 50 storyline to go to Ishgard and pick up the new jobs)
Either way, you just go to Ishgard and pick them up if you're able to.
 Its a stand alone job... You'll be able to cross class skills but don't have to have another tank to get it.

Been looking for EU ps3 to pre order....... Uuuummmm where is it? When is it?? Can't find any info cheap FFXIV Gil ;; anybody help a whm out???? Final Fantasy Collectors nearly at 100 members! Come join us and show all the wonderful Final Fantasy items you've collected over the years. And if you haven't got much to show join anyway to be apart of our ever growing friendly community.Any info on how to pre order the collector's edition digital download for ps4? Cause it's not in the list of available pre orders!

Really want the flying mount!


Wrath of the Kaza

I think that was the original idea for blade master DFO Gold, but they took the character in another direction. GSD specifically mentioned it during the class quest back in Nexon days.   I'd like to see some more flashy striker moves and more combo type attacks, like an attack that hits 3 times or something like tiger fist, with say a front roundhouse, back roundhouse to butterfly twist.

Berserker - Blood Rave - Buff - 10 sec CD - Instant cast

Upon becoming the berserker, you gain the skill Blood Rave. Can only use while Frenzy is active, for every hit you or your party inflict on an enemy with a basic attack buy DFO Gold, you and your party gain a bonus of STR, Attack and Movement Speed. This buff only affects those within 1200px of the berserker.

Plasma Trap -1 Clear Cube Skill - 6 sec CD - Throwing down. A giant web of blood to the ground, any enemy caught in its web allows the zerker to freeze them in place, inflicting damage to those that resists. Activate again to turn the blood of his enemies into a bomb. The more enemies in the trap, the greater the damage.

Wrath of the Kazan - 2 Clear Cubes - Buff - 5 min CD.
Whenever an enemy is damaged by a blood skill, their blood becomes diseased, turning them into a walking plague. For each enemy they get close to, it will spread to each of them and inflict a fixed amount of damage per second for 10 seconds with an increased chance of bleeding status, decreasing their bleeding resistance. The more enemies gathered...the longer the disease persists.


I forgot to praise the ears

 She looks great...she did an excellent job...too bad miserable people always have to make their stupid comments. .. Most cosplayers I have met want constructive criticism on their work buy FFXIV Gil. (Key word constructive) so here is my take.

I love the staff, wig, and paint FFXIV Gil work. The eyes are weird, I can't quite put my finger on what it is they just look slightly off. (My guess is she didn't want to completely blind herself with whiteouts so understandable)

Honestly the only piece I have any issue with are the shoulders, I think they are too small for the proportions, specifically the spikes. Make those a bit bigger and you are on point missy. Overall great work though.

Edit: I forgot to praise the ears! They're not droopy or lopsided at all fantastic job there that must have been a pain. This girl is beautiful and did a wonderful job on her cosplay. Anybody who comments negatively about her weight are just people who project their insecurities on other people because deep down in their subconscious, they cannot contain the loathing they feel for themselves about their own flaws. Work it baby girl!


Dark Knight in FFXIV

I am going to return and start play this game, can someone advice me on the most populated Eu server ? i dont wanna play alone. "Opening movie"? Yeah right. Seemed more like a "trailer". This people only lie and lie and lie buy FFXIV Gil. I am glad I will save my money. Awful game anyway..

if you go into the expansion does it come with a level boost so we can start playing the new stuff immediately?  it does not. You can't start ANY Heavensward content until you finish all of A Realm Reborn's story content. SE has already said this several times. Nothing from Heavensward (not even the new jobs) can be started until "Before the Dawn" is completed.

What's the story behind Dark Knight in FFXIV?

There should be a story behind them.. I would like to know about them very much.  Machinist FFXIV Gil, Dark Knight, and Astrologian are three new classes exclusive to FFXIV:Heavensward 3.0; new mechanics on dpsing, establishing and keeping agro via Damage and MP consumption, and new dynamics on healing with the option of being a "Buff" healer or "Straight up" Healer. With release on 6/23/15 bond know the story of each new class, but it'll be long since level cap is increased from 50 to 60. I can't wait to take my hand at Dark Knight personally.



Closest we will probably get to rdm is a weaker blm with healing support. only way rdm could be in game.  Just because Eos/Selene heal better than you, Jeremy? Don't be bitter, get better. & FFXIV Gil; Yeah, right, all development will stop NOW just to make RDM on XIV. Why not stay on XI, then? Go play your "samuri" job.

 BLU would really make for a nice balance if they can make it work balanced dps/heals physical/magical spell potency cheap FFXIV Gil. MagicFruit for 5k plzzz.  Remember redmage would be the best enfeebler in mobs and enhancer for crew I say and best solo job shouldn't be meant for over power dps or healers ya looking at it all wrong. I really do hope they expand the job system down the road. I like XIV, but in terms of job complexity (and story/lore/presentation) FFXI still has it beat despite having a far more shallow combat system.

It's a shame that the armory system ended up being as restrictive as it is compared to XI's job + subjob setup (and having multiple weapon types per class). Would love to see skillchains make a comeback as well.


DFO gold seller

There is a way to set it, but it does not override Megaphones as far as I am aware. Don't agree, they are useful for catching gold sellers, just don't look at it.
buy Dungeon Fighter Gold
Giving them away freely is problem, not just having them altogether. The idiots who aim to only insult and disturb others wouldn't bother/be able to afford the megaphones otherwise.Megas 'WERE' Cash shop items in the past. Don't know if they will be now, but I did play CDnF briefly and I could swear that I saw them as Cash items there.

Plus cheap DFO Gold, I have a feeling a lot of that will stop very abruptly when we become able to report players for such things. It makes no plausible sense to remove megaphones so people have to waste time logging into a forum in a browser. No sense whatsoever.


go through FP in DFO

You'll only go through FP this fast for the first day of your character going level 1-15. It's unfortunate, but as you continue leveling you'll have need for more and more hours every day to spend all of your FP. By the time you're 60+ it can take you 6+ hours to buy Dungeon Fighter Gold and spend it all in a day and even longer when running things like ancient dungeons.

The implications of all this is so gigantic. It's not the perfect system and it wasn't designed for this original purpose, but considering the resources they are working with for now and the fact that it already exists as a core part of the original game it is the best current choice and in the future could even be modified. I wish we had started with an FP event which are very common, even weekly, in the other DFO versions and allow more play time on many different days, just to have given a better first impression of the system to so many new level 1 players. Please to all of you, give it another thought and give it some cheap DFO Gold patience for now.

 I'm in no rush CP. I'm very, very eager to play DFO on my alpha character, but I'm realistic. Your health matters far more than my enjoyment coming a few hours sooner. Get some rest, cool off from the stress, and kick it out after the essentials are taken care of.

I would be glad being able to acess the game period...Id give up my alpha charcter for that alone.. Fatigue has always been part of the game. I don't see why so many people are fussing so harshly about it.


character had to be removed from being a favorite

Attempting to enter arena or anywhere results in loading but never progressing anywhere. Wont let me update says data corupted.

I'll be back in a month to check. please revise bug and have connect with google plus or facebook account.this occur have manny account have broken. finish entire game just because of FFXIV Gil the insufficient energy...The gameplay is good just the problem i mentioned above and probably a friend thing is needed just in case pvp with friends?

Anyone able to tell what floor the scavenging ends at? The 2nd scavenge hunt. Was wondering that myself. Better not be 60 like the others at 10 stamana a pop. Think thats a bit steep what happened to 8.

Finally found the problem - character had to be removed from being a favorite - then had to exit the game & go back in before it would let me promote.

The hardcore collector thing the rate and amount is terrible if the rate is low increase the amount thn make our effort worth =.= i farmed 6 to 7 times just to get 2 core lol.


Aetherial Manipulation

Addons sadly are not really a thing. Or in some ways it might be a good thing. Completely not supported by SE. A few stand-alone programs exist (example, voice chat), but the useful ones that don't get you banned are few.

Macros you can search but personally I use almost none. Just the way the game is built is not as conducive to them as some other games. Still quite useful at times. Example: Black Mage ability "Aetherial Manipulation" teleports you to a party member's side. Well, if you want to go to a person, you want to buy cheap FFXIV Gil do it FAST or it's pretty useless. That's why you need a macro so that 1 button can say "target blah, cast Aetherial Manipulation". Also, macros are great for sending messages to party members. Other things you can do too, but they're mostly just "nice to have" rather than "set these up or you're not maxing your potential". As for where to buy FFXIV Gil and find a good reference... Dunno, your search is as good as mine.

As far as Addons go, SE plans to add in a Support for it, but no real date has been placed on it, or any details on the limits/Scope of the Add ons that we can make for it in the future.


Patch 2.5 website update for ffxiv players

Strange I'm a glad and never relaly had problem get into a party

and strangely I deal much more damage than those DPS ( well not everytime but sometime )Great...I can't ever get caught up on all the content!  I would rather be in this boat than the one where I am always waiting on content and bored heh. Same here, and I still haven't touched dungeons, only raids.

 I haven't even done a raid. I started clearing up my quest log and realized I had the starting quest to unlock the crystal tower. I just assumed the raids were main scenario based lol. I was wondering why I wasn't unlocking them buy cheap FFXIV Gil.  Lol I have a very helpful fc, they walked me through everything to unlock raids. Now just have to unlock those hm dungeons. so excited! I started leveling my Dragoon just so I could pull out Midgarsomor and look like my Dragoon from FFXI. I freakin love love love this game! CAN. NOT. WAIT!

Well, it's not like you're particularly able to read the patch information anyway.


buy ffxiv for ps4

Just bought the game for ps4 and it wont even let me play for more than 5 mins. I have a brand new router set up perfect and highspeed internet but somehow your servers will not let me play FFXIV gil. I have and always will be a FF fan since the very 1st one FF1. So I am very upset I cannot play this now even though I was a Beta tester. Please do your maintenance or whatever is required for your servers to support PAYING CUSTOMER$$!!!

 I have a question my account is EU but am living in the US and I am planning of ordering the collector edition from the US square enix store will the code be able to buy cheap ffxiv gilwork on my account ?

P.S am buying for PC version. Nope, you need the EU version..To be honest I think they ruined the hype for many people.. The UK furious about the price, the Australians that it's impossible to find, the Americans over shipping prices and the people that want the digital version.. This really should have been thought out better.

Why would you scam the UK? We're paying $190(ish) for the same thing? How is that fair?


Offensive magic could be En-spells in FFXIV

Incoming Spikes for damage reduction

Fire Spikes - 20% damage for 20 seconds, deals fire damage every time you are hit
Ice Spikes - 20% damage for 20 seconds, chance to paralyze fodder
Dread Spikes -40% damage for 10 seconds, absorbs HP based on damage taken

No recast timer just high MP cost.


Offensive magic could be En-spells but only one spike/en-spell active at one time. Its stealing a page from RDMs book but WAR stole a lot from DRK so who knows.I would seriously question a decision to put non tanking stats on tank gear ie Int or Pie. Giving DRK its own gear set would be pretty dumb, from a loot standpoint.
That being said Yoshi did mention a redesign of loot drops from coil. I have a strong suspicion that they are moving towards a token drop system like in WoW. (refering to high lvl gear drops) By adding 3 additional classes, they will be randomzing useable drops in a raid way too much.

But since they have already stated that the gear system is changing, there are no rules as to what kind of stats we could see on DRK armor.
My guess is DRK will sacrifice health or defense to gain back MP, or to use powerful attacks. He can probably also use MP to cast defensive spells. So if you go all out on Attack spells you won't survive, ect you get the point.