I forgot to praise the ears

 She looks great...she did an excellent job...too bad miserable people always have to make their stupid comments. .. Most cosplayers I have met want constructive criticism on their work buy FFXIV Gil. (Key word constructive) so here is my take.

I love the staff, wig, and paint FFXIV Gil work. The eyes are weird, I can't quite put my finger on what it is they just look slightly off. (My guess is she didn't want to completely blind herself with whiteouts so understandable)

Honestly the only piece I have any issue with are the shoulders, I think they are too small for the proportions, specifically the spikes. Make those a bit bigger and you are on point missy. Overall great work though.

Edit: I forgot to praise the ears! They're not droopy or lopsided at all fantastic job there that must have been a pain. This girl is beautiful and did a wonderful job on her cosplay. Anybody who comments negatively about her weight are just people who project their insecurities on other people because deep down in their subconscious, they cannot contain the loathing they feel for themselves about their own flaws. Work it baby girl!


Dark Knight in FFXIV

I am going to return and start play this game, can someone advice me on the most populated Eu server ? i dont wanna play alone. "Opening movie"? Yeah right. Seemed more like a "trailer". This people only lie and lie and lie buy FFXIV Gil. I am glad I will save my money. Awful game anyway..

if you go into the expansion does it come with a level boost so we can start playing the new stuff immediately?  it does not. You can't start ANY Heavensward content until you finish all of A Realm Reborn's story content. SE has already said this several times. Nothing from Heavensward (not even the new jobs) can be started until "Before the Dawn" is completed.

What's the story behind Dark Knight in FFXIV?

There should be a story behind them.. I would like to know about them very much.  Machinist FFXIV Gil, Dark Knight, and Astrologian are three new classes exclusive to FFXIV:Heavensward 3.0; new mechanics on dpsing, establishing and keeping agro via Damage and MP consumption, and new dynamics on healing with the option of being a "Buff" healer or "Straight up" Healer. With release on 6/23/15 bond know the story of each new class, but it'll be long since level cap is increased from 50 to 60. I can't wait to take my hand at Dark Knight personally.



Closest we will probably get to rdm is a weaker blm with healing support. only way rdm could be in game.  Just because Eos/Selene heal better than you, Jeremy? Don't be bitter, get better. & FFXIV Gil; Yeah, right, all development will stop NOW just to make RDM on XIV. Why not stay on XI, then? Go play your "samuri" job.

 BLU would really make for a nice balance if they can make it work balanced dps/heals physical/magical spell potency cheap FFXIV Gil. MagicFruit for 5k plzzz.  Remember redmage would be the best enfeebler in mobs and enhancer for crew I say and best solo job shouldn't be meant for over power dps or healers ya looking at it all wrong. I really do hope they expand the job system down the road. I like XIV, but in terms of job complexity (and story/lore/presentation) FFXI still has it beat despite having a far more shallow combat system.

It's a shame that the armory system ended up being as restrictive as it is compared to XI's job + subjob setup (and having multiple weapon types per class). Would love to see skillchains make a comeback as well.


DFO gold seller

There is a way to set it, but it does not override Megaphones as far as I am aware. Don't agree, they are useful for catching gold sellers, just don't look at it.
buy Dungeon Fighter Gold
Giving them away freely is problem, not just having them altogether. The idiots who aim to only insult and disturb others wouldn't bother/be able to afford the megaphones otherwise.Megas 'WERE' Cash shop items in the past. Don't know if they will be now, but I did play CDnF briefly and I could swear that I saw them as Cash items there.

Plus cheap DFO Gold, I have a feeling a lot of that will stop very abruptly when we become able to report players for such things. It makes no plausible sense to remove megaphones so people have to waste time logging into a forum in a browser. No sense whatsoever.


go through FP in DFO

You'll only go through FP this fast for the first day of your character going level 1-15. It's unfortunate, but as you continue leveling you'll have need for more and more hours every day to spend all of your FP. By the time you're 60+ it can take you 6+ hours to buy Dungeon Fighter Gold and spend it all in a day and even longer when running things like ancient dungeons.

The implications of all this is so gigantic. It's not the perfect system and it wasn't designed for this original purpose, but considering the resources they are working with for now and the fact that it already exists as a core part of the original game it is the best current choice and in the future could even be modified. I wish we had started with an FP event which are very common, even weekly, in the other DFO versions and allow more play time on many different days, just to have given a better first impression of the system to so many new level 1 players. Please to all of you, give it another thought and give it some cheap DFO Gold patience for now.

 I'm in no rush CP. I'm very, very eager to play DFO on my alpha character, but I'm realistic. Your health matters far more than my enjoyment coming a few hours sooner. Get some rest, cool off from the stress, and kick it out after the essentials are taken care of.

I would be glad being able to acess the game period...Id give up my alpha charcter for that alone.. Fatigue has always been part of the game. I don't see why so many people are fussing so harshly about it.