go back to the kitchen

Name:go back to the kitchen
Description:cook a cave moray
Levels required to complete:90
Other content required (if known) sell runescape accounts
Name:i made your trap
Description:make a Grave creeper trap
Levels required to complete:90
Other content required (if known) buy runescape accounts
Name:you will never escape
Description: trap a Tyrannomastyx
Levels required to complete:90 hunter
Other content required (if known)
Name:Natural capital
Description:mining a Promethium ore
Levels required to complete:90 mining sell rs accounts
Other content required (if known)
Name:you never know,untill you need it
Description:make a Promethium hatchet & pickaxe
Levels required to complete:92 smiting
Other content required (if known)


Mod Mark supports Zaros

Mod Mark supports Zaros, find out why you should too!

 i support zaros for 5 years and a will 4 life. For ppl who dont know about him or know only from emissary, do quests: The Firemakers Curse, Desert Treasure, The Dig Site, The Temple at Senntisten!! Those quests are worth it. Mod Mark, those reasons sold me, especially the first one sell rs accounts. Here comes a converter from Guthixian to Zarosian! I support eoc updates I don't think people have given it much of a chance personally its pretty much the same game just a lot less luck based. So I don't exactly plan to watch this video as I've never really checked behind the scene type things I enjoy a good surprise. However you do earn the glory of my comment as seeing your shirt moved me and reminded me of a simpler time. lol This link is suspicious. We tested it and found potential security risks. Be careful. (what my anti virus is saying)

 Mod Mark, those reasons sold me, especially the first one. Here comes a converter from Guthixian to Zarosian! Zaros is the only god sell runescape accounts with a video for him. This says something. ZAROS IS THE GREATEST GOD WHO EVER WALKED ON RUNESCAPE! Zaros had his butt handed to him by a mortal. He's like totally a big deal.


enjoy the humour in the quest - Bring Home the Bacon

I thoroughly enjoyed the humour in the quest and giggled all the way thru while I was doing the quest. I really wanted some bacon to eat and my fridge was bare.. was soo tempted to go out and buy some to cook up sell runescape accounts but I didn't and regretted it alll evening.

To the others who noticed... I am a girl too so they need to fix the "his pig" its a Novice quest. But supplying the planks and bars, when obtaining them could easily be done with not that much additional time being spent ... ?

Seems a little too much spoon-feeding in my opinion.

But hey, they general consensus seems that the quest is a popular one, so I'll have to sit in the minority this time. Just found it to be a little lacking..... I'm looking for the attention of a mod, can any of you guys talk to me over here !? I dont want to speak with anymore automated-messages. I've had it with those.

Buff the prayer pigs! 5 full recharges of prayer points at max tier seems at least a little more useful. They're less than rs accounts for sale a 4 dose prayer potion now; not worth the space!

And maybe allow the machine building to be boostable? Pretty please? It's like 20m to get my crafting up that far, not to buy runescape account mention construction! I'm not doing that for a fancy war tortoise!

Maybe something like 24 items for the max tier pack pig? That's right there in between tortoises and yaks.


Runescape is getting too easy

Jagex need to hire an employee whose sole job will be to weigh up the benefits and losses of each new idea - and I'm assuming by the track record that they have yet to already employ someone for this function.

Seriously, did anybody sit down and think about this update and what it does for the game? The whole BTS felt very cavalier, as if you saw the update as straightforward filler between more sizable content buy runescape account.

This is sizable from a gameplay perspective. We already have enough lodestones in Gilienor making other transportation methods usless and just a wayste of money. No matter how you gonna improve them, lodestones are OP now. I have loved most of runescapes updates recently - but yes, this clearly is inbalanced.

At the very least quests with "transport rewards" need new rewards buy runescape accounts.

And the world needs to get bigger!I think that some areas must be with out lodestones. It's to make the game interesting and more challenging.

This will further devalue the useless - and they are that - city teleport spells and continue the crusade to make the game easier & easier.Very helpful but to be honest I dislike this update. Virtually every travel item, spell, and tool in the entire game is now useless. Bad, bad, bad idea. I don't sell rs accounts even know what the motivation for this could have been. There's just no way to construe this as a good idea.

Runescape is getting too easy in my opinion.this is great update, why ppl wants to have difficulties to travel around world if u already have visited the place once. and looking forward to new boss.


looking forward to the new storylines on RS 3

looking forward to the new storylines and sell rs accounts the new interface system though will be sticking with the client as I just prefer it over the browser no offense.

In my case, it's four, but I'll be taking Crow's advice and making it out to be a belated gift.

Well, I'm hugely excited for this. I've beta'd the HTML5, and I had no idea graphics could even be that detailed! Divination, the Battle for Lumbridge, and the Sixth Age look much better than even that (which is saying a lot), but sadly, it looks like details on those are really closely guarded secrets. Ah well. I'll be busy catching up on quests and buy rs accountsstaring at the countdown timer for the next ~19 days.

Jagex, you are rushing out an update that isn't ready. RS3 is still really buggy, loads incredibly slow, and crashes very often. I'm not trying to sound pessimistic -- I'm just looking at the reality of the game as it exists right now.

I have an Nvidia GeForce 660 GTX video card, which gets 45-60 FPS on games like Skyrim, Borderlands 2, and Far Cry 3. I don't break 20 with RS settings on high using features like antialiasing. Are you telling me that the graphics and mechanics of RS3 are somehow more complicated than those games?

You rushed EoC out before it was ready, although I'm not here to complain about that since I really do like EoC, but since the release there have been at least two MAJOR reworks of the combat system. That isn't supposed to happen in a 'live' game. That's what betas are intended for rs accounts for sale.

I urge you not to make the same mistake with HTML5 RS. There are still many issues to deal with before going live. Limiting gameplay to one browser that many have concerns about privacy (Chrome) is shooting yourself in the foot. Releasing a version that still unstable and frequently crashes will cause people to never do anything risky on the game.

Please stop thinking so short-term.


new boss arrives in Runescape

If u think about it items are still useful as a faster teleport. For example with the new canifis lodestone u can go from there to port phasmatys but using ectophial is still faster so items r still useful. I dont see why people are complaining about loadstones sell runescape accounts.
Loadstones are placed in inconvenient places in the town that doesn't help.
Making teleport items still just as valuable.

more lodestones

Good news: 6th Age Info BTS and new boss that hopefully drops level 90 mage gear BTS next week.

Not about Lodestones, but since the video was titled "Transport Update" on the homepage, here's a suggestion you should really implement cheap runescape accounts:

Make it so transportation methods like Fairy Rings and Gnome Gliders don't work on a central hub. Just pop up the three letter code interface immediately when a player activates a Fairy Ring without having to tele to Zanaris first. Same for Gliders and the Grand Tree Runescape accounts selling.

I have to agree with those that think there are already too many loadstones. Some of us worked very hard to get certain items or specific levels so we could use teleport spells. Now I rarely use a teleport spell at all. All that work for nothing. Why do you feel that you have to tailor the game to those that don't want to work at it or to those that only want player killing? I have played to long and am too close to some goals to quit now, but this game sure isn't that much fun anymore. To those that will say "then don't play" read the previous statement. The way the game is progressing, eventually all you will have to do to level up is log on, "****" everyone is now max levels.


Recently Finished A2 Inferno and Geared up for A3

Many people asked how to go through the norm hell for they want to buy Diablo 3 account sale, and I also saw lots of advices given by other players. I haven't used lashing tail since lvl 3 and I’m doing fine. Recently I finished A2 inferno, gearing up for A3. Now I want to share my experience.

From A1 normal - A3 Hell, I used:

Fists of Thunder - Thunderclap (teleport has so much utility, whether it’s traveling faster between wackable items, attacking a ranged enemy to get out of melee range from a swarm or just to speed up the general process of leveling)

Crippling Wave - Mangle (damage) [you can use concussion if you're having trouble]

Serenity and transcendence (the passive) - with 2 spirit generators as my damage (and I did plenty of it for sub inferno) I had plenty of mana for all my other stuff and mantra spams, free heals all day

When making a build, I think Serenity is a must on Hell along with Breath of Heaven. Everything else is up to you with your Diablo III accounts. Just realize how everything comes together in the end and manage spirit/speed to achieve results. Realize just because my build works for me, does not mean you absolutely omfg have to use it. There are many combinations that will work effectively; they just need to be discovered.

Are there any other guides to survive the hell as a monk? What kind of Diablo 3 items for sale is useful in the battle? Welcome to communicate and share with us.