FFXIV has an easily manipulated UI

So evil!! You took a job designed around book lovers...and...you....make us tear pages out of it!?!?! Why do you do this!!!! This is like the ultimate taboo for those who love books.  Looks like something from the anime Read Or Die lol. I am a little disappointed in SAM. It looks like it's taking the NIN approach and having a certain combination of stance buff cast an ability. Was expecting something a bit more flashy and unique for the class. The rotations shown in the trailer are far from optimal for all jobs, Cheap FFXIV Gil they were just showing what some of the abilities they have look like, but I also understand where you are coming from...

Traditionally they didn't have any flashy techniques and Yoshi said a while back he wanted to stick to traditional swordplay. It's just flashy enough to fit in a game. I think it's perfect.I get they didn't really showcase much of the class rotation. I guess what bothers me is it taking the ninja ninjutsu approach to pulling off the special moves. Like Ka with Getsu did what looked like a frontal cone aoe. It's the same in how ninja does mudras except same weaves them in while in combat instead as signs done separately. My guess is SAM is not flashy because I imagine the animations were probably conceptualized back when SAM was gonna be a tank and when they changed their mind they just added more DPS like mechanics.

Super let down seeing the Samurai skills, all so lackluster and similar. I'll hold off on the final verdict till i play Sam myself. The fact those skills are call Iaijutsu killed me heart a little bit. FFXIV Gil Looks awesome, but one question. The Job Gauges thing. Please tell me we can hide that, because I myself don't like it. Im utterly salty about cleric stance dance being erased. I know you casual's love this, but whm was the only thing I loved about this game. Guess I'll finally get a chance to play all these other games I've missed out on over the years. I'm just asking a question, or trying to start a fight. As a healer I'm not fond of having an additional area i gotta keep my eye on...

 Good thing FFXIV has an easily manipulated UI so you can put that gage right in your face. The job gauges are gonna be possibly the most important change tbh will affect a lot of things like dealing more damage etc. It functions the same as any other hot bar so my guess is that you can hide it, but I don't think you should unless your THAT good at your job, also some new abilities can be linked through it and you can't tell when to use without it. They mentioned that at a later date, a mini version of the gauge will be introduced.  You can hide it. Watch the live letter when it's available to rewatch, very informative with lots of changes.


BNS barding and emotes

Just gonna add one more tidbit; The reason people want things like this is for the exclusivity. I guarantee you wouldn't want it a quarter as much as you do now if every single player was running around with it. You're paying to look VIP in comparison to people that don't spend extra money on the game. They're luxury items. It makes sense to pay more than $5 for them. Can't believe people are complaining about optional content that isn't required and doesn't hinder or affect gameplay at all. Gabriel Alejandro Gomez, that's a fine point to make in a game that doesn't have a subscription fee. I agree the fact it isn't account-wide is stupid. Buy Blade and Soul Gold It would have been nice if it was part of the Amazon deal.

I agree with that but it's a shame this emote isn't included with SB since it was pretty much the essense to it. They should also be able per account not 1 per char that's quite greedy sadly they are going more into mogstore than actually making updates or emotes to other events or stuff to get they want to monetize most of it and someday all of it sadly. But again if you don't like it don't buy it I won't due to it's not for all chars otherwise I "might" or just wait for BF xD. You just trigger fanboys/girls here to defend SE's actions, no matter how shitty actions they do towards this game.  I am a fangirl, but I don't defend their actions. I think it's greedy and shifty. Blade & Soul Gold But then again, I also play other MMOs that got it right. I am still miffed about player housing and shared storage (lack there of).

I get more "triggered" over the fact that they can't seem to make a fucking SORT button for the FC's company chests. It couldn't possibly be THAT hard? Right??  I would like to see the items be account wide as well. I get that with ftp, but sub games such as this does seems a bit greedy overall. I personally only have 1 character so it doesn't affect me, but I know quite a few other players that have multiple characters across different servers. I realize these items are optional, but it's a matter of respecting your customer that already pays a monthly sub and offer them items at a reasonable price and across all possible characters. oh well.

 These all look great but I can't see myself paying those amounts for barding and emotes. Make them account wide and maybe shave off a couple bucks and im all over it. The mounts are priced sake as other games etc. Or make bundles or emotes for 7-10$. Yep bundles would be nice. And just make everything account wide. I'm sure people would be slightly more inclined to buy them. Fully agree. Yoshi P listens well to us players maybe this can he a focus after SB drops. I have more than one character so that if I just don't feel like talking/dealing with people I can switch to that one and just mindlessly grind. Though, I haven't been on that one for a LONG time since I want to get stuff done before Stormblood launches(mounts mostly, and completion of trials I haven't gotten around to)


FFXIV officially sponsored WWE

Yes I am on about Yo-Kai watch (Nintendo 3DS game) Every events that get more players & do not harm the company image are good, it's as simple as that I guess. The yokai event was good because it actually made yokai watch fans play the game! Aye I understand it all. Just saying the double standards people have not liking the fact that FFXIV officially sponsored WWE, FFXIV Gil but they didnt mind when SE were offered a butt load of cash for a Yokai watch cross-over. Do you also realizes that the comapny that makes Yokai Watch also does other things with Square, ya need look no futher than dragon quest to see a Level 5 logo on the games as well.

Ahh you raised a fair point there. I did forget that Level-5 has had some dealings with (Square)Enix in the past (and present). I stand corrected. Xavier Woods is one of 3 longest reigning tag team champs of all time and has a gaming YouTube channel with over a million subscribers, you can probably thank him for WWE getting the Final Fantasy and Crunchyroll sponsorships recently.  If you all think this is outrageous you should see what's going on in Japan. NJPW essentially produced the Tiger Mask W anime and has Kota Ibushi wrestle matches as the main character, they also have NJPW DLC in Tekken 7 so you can dress Bryan Fury in Bullet Club gear and King in a Kazuchika Okada costume with his finisher replacing King's normal Rage Art.

 Steve Millington the guy sounds like he's reading off of a script and has no idea what's he's on about when he says moogle and chocobo. at least he pronounced it right.He probs was!! Cheap FFXIV Gil He stuttered at chocobo. Everything is scripted though....even the matches. The level of cringe this induces is enough to make one's genitals want to recede into their body, and I can't help but simultaneously love and hate it.Someone with an anime profile pic shouldnt be talking about levels of cringe coming from something thats meant to be funny as well as hype for FFXIV players.

 I gave up on WWE several years ago when it was obvious that the McMahons were booking for themselves and not the fans. I could care less about the genre now. Some jobber making FF XIV references at Wrestlemania when he clearly appears to not understand a word of what he is saying is just lame. But it's probably one of the best scripted promos that guy has every been exposed to. The only way wrestling will improve is if Vince McMahon dies. And even then, his daughter and son in law will book to his dead body out of fear it will rise from the grave and take over again.


Blade and Soul InGame Female Characters

Man....i mean normal Girls that play BNS not the InGame Female Characters...i have some Girlfriends that play...do u exist noneexist? lol.  I'm sure you'd be surprised about how many girl gamers are real out there on every game lol, they just don't put it out there like a bns hoe I guess tho...probably cuz bns is over run with BRs . Most of them don't say anything because most male players in game are sexist retards. How about optimize the goddamn Framerate, it's unplayable 10 fps, Blade and Soul Gold seriously? 30 frames are like maximum, learn from Blizzard Overwatch pls. I run the game smoothly at 80fps....might be time 2 get u an upgrade.

Uhh.... I don't have problem with it, I run this game at 60~80 FPS, too. Can I make the obligatory "nerf warlock pls hurt me pvp" post? Wink. Is this game even worth playing anymore I waited years for this and now it's dead too me.  Hmmm so now it is time for Gunner? (Pliz tell me tha this is what you whant to say). Gunner aint comming till later kr dosent have it yet and this is 8th class sf was our 9th. Please stop messing up the game... a number of us are losing resolve to play.I assume you mean quit. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Tempting man... Tempting.  i hope one day in future , i can work for ncsoft and become a Gm of Bns .

Pepole saying gunslinger when soul fighter is 9th class and gunslinger the 10th isint out even in bns home country of korea.  LOL, if you want a new class you must go ask to the koreans, this guys only add bugs and spend money.  I got banned why is dat ?? i didn't do anything . i played & i played Then my account has been locked .... wats up with dis. i spent half day . just to play blade & soul . Need Help -______-IGN:rajenelen So Unfair -___-.its not out even on Korea learn how NCsoft works first.  "Learn how ncsoft works" :thinking: rush content for more money at the expense of quality lel seems about right.

One of my favourite classes. hey PM me... i cannot dowload .. i cannot sig up..!!   it said account creation failed.


thoughts of FFXV

 Paying for an emote when i already have to PAY TO PLAY? Gross.  Jonathan Ellis, no, subs pay for continued game support.
Having a cash shop for certain items is fine, but for stupid little things like an emote? The problem isn't the cash shop, the problem is the halfwits buying shite like this which encourages them to find new ways of milking money from plebs.  Monika Carette Girard, you have a complete lack of understanding of the term "expect something for free". Cheap FFXIV Gil That refers to getting things with little to no effort. These kinds of things should be locked behind quests, not a cash shop.  Oh no a non essential glamour item is chargeable. The fiends. May as well give up savage now cause you're not clearing without this single optional item .

So Jonathan, what if they started putting the pvp stuff in the cash shop, would that be ok? They only appeal to a section of the player base, quite a lot of people don't do pvp so why not put that in there? The point is, it doesn't matter whether they are only cosmetic items, because there is a section of the player base those things matter to, that affects their enjoyment of the game and they alone are being penalised. Should people who don't participate in pvp have their subs reduced so they can spend the left over on "optional" cosmetic stuff? You have to treat your whole player base EQUALLY or they will feel singled out and leave, just as I did.

Do people really get so mad about one OPTIONAL emote in the cash shop that they really don't need lol? **sigh** this year alone we had 2 emotes given to us (dote/songbird), new years head pieces and Cheap FFXIV Gil housing items, GARO PVP event with new gear, New outfit from little ladies day event and housing items. SE is giving you PLENTY of unessential freebies. Stop crying over 2 paid emotes that dropped on the shop. They are unessential and SE hasn't stopped giving you freebies. Darius Lysandre I'm interested to hear your thoughts of FFXV with that logic..

Meh, I can see both sides of the coin. It is silly, but not game breaking. I will keep playing with or without the emote. Either buy them or don't, but stop acting like a whiny little bitch. This is a lot of fuss over a cosmetic item and what is pretty much the cost of a Venti Latte.  How about you get a job that pays well enough to afford it? It's 7 bucks, thats the cost of a lunch.  Or youre mad you can't afford any of them.  Because these things couldn't have just been added to the game... maybe behind a small quest? No no no... $7 a pop for emotes. That's disgusting, Square. What makes it sting worse is that in the last event they had they just used a pre-existing emote and added a particle effect onto it. (the /blowkiss emote onto /dote.)


FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Fest is so close

Kuplipo is overseeing the set-up of the venue! He keeps saying the Fan Fest is so close he can feel it in his pom! Will there be extra spaces for Nobuo? :( So many people were @ work when mails were sent..I have the same feeling here. I was on my way from work when I got the mail and didn't got a chance to get it. And on top of that they've send the emails 3 hours later, so people who even took a break @ work to check their email during noon, didn't even get a chance :s I didnt even get the email, FFXIV Gil my mate got it 4 hours later so we both didnt even get a look in, pretty unfair really...

How can we register for the event? where can we see when are these events taking place? So cuuuuuuute! You should do something like this too!. I didn't give my moogle permission to leave my desk! Just bough one of these cute guys on sale. Only four days to go to the grand finale of the Fan Festivals! You can practically taste the excitement! Buy FFXIV Gil We’ve compiled a general survival guide for the Fan Fest to help attendees get the most out of the event. Also, please remember to bring cash as the food stalls won’t accept cards!

me and my friends agree to quit if fanfest don't show anything decent red mage lvl 50 joke thus ruining class being half done for people if samurai a tank i'll quit i been playing this game to much to realize its not worth it anymore machanics to fights are geting really annoying old fights still wipes people needs revamp done old content dieing out fast as well oh joy i waiting in que for world of darkness 30mins later notthing theres no side stuff to keep people intrested its daily weekly over and over aleast final fantasy 11 had dynamis sky sea nyzule ilse enjair nm hunting then abyssea runing around besiged campaign in past those kept ppl busy for awhile what do we got anima witch in grind over and over doing same dungeon over and over for lore 1 gear weekly from raids to make point its lacking way to much and people quiting.

Try putting periods and commas in your thoughts and people might pay attention.Omg just do it already! We need information! I'm dead bored with this game at the moment! Give us something! When they will translate the texts of the game in Spanish? There are many Spanish people playing and many Spanish people who do not play because they are not in Spanish and they know that it is a great game. Come on people, translate the game. Would be a great gift for your fans on this 30th anniversary. Thank you! And a super gift for us, Latin American players that we are very much! .Pd: I saw this publicity and the texts are in Spanish. Is it a fake or are they going to do it? FINAL FANTASY XIV


FFXIV event in Feburary

Also not sure where PC master race fits in all that.. Sorry you're missing out on the fun??  Last i heard Fishers was the problem. They have too much power. This last time ~just Aether~ was down, it was a server programming issue, not fish according to the notice on the updates feed. You are not exactly the brightest star in the night sky, eh Zacarias.  Hope this is a little more fun than the Christmas and new years ones. These events gotten extremely short. The Christmas event was pretty neat Cheap FFXIV Gil =) nice story too.  Well because people just run through em lol. I think the nicest one was the halloween event imo. The hurry and get a job already to afford a subscribtion event returns to Eorzea.

Wrong and wrong. Hopefully cash shop by the time the Little Lady's Day rolls around .  I don't think they even did Little Ladies day last year. :/ And in any case, Buy FFXIV Gil they didn't add the tree to the shop, either. Little Ladies Day for the "Authentic Eastern Cherry Tree" as seen on xivdb, mogstation re-release among some other items. Last year's Little Ladies day was the idol competition. The cherry trees were 2 years ago, but they are available on the market board still.

How many people do still play this game? im playing the free trial atm but the chat seems kinda... dead. Because everyone is chatting with their guild or linkshell or Discord. There are a lot of friendly FC to join though depending on the Datacenter and World you're in. They still do occasionally recruit. how many times do you need to do the "magic number" quest before you get the minion? I'd be excited if I could reinstall the game without getting download errors every time. Great, now I have to renew the membership and jump on right in the middle of Spring term.  Jay Hartkorn, Archibald Tassot it's been a year since your short stint in FF.

You are so tempting me, I promised no more monthly subscription based services until Stormblood and then only FFXIV. Should have a cute costume, otherwise everything like minion, emote, orc and vase is ok. I specifically let my sub end three days ago so I could try and save money. Who here is wanting to return an there from UK an they need a code?  Hello all final fantasy xiv lovers, I need your help. I have final fantasy xiv-the complete experience-on ps4, but the game is unable to download the patch files. If anyone else had this problem before, please tell me what to do; I want to play this game.I would like to die my hair like her's and also the haircut is great!Simply beautiful and great game as well!!